Insider guide: Using Colour

October 19, 2017 / DECORATING, Insider Guides

Daniel Hopwood’s guide to using colour


Now’s the time to pump up your home’s personality with bright hues and punchy patterns. The Great Interior Design Challenge’s Daniel Hopwood shares how to get it right…


1  How to choose colour 

Colour is a powerful mood enhancer – so when you’re picking one, think carefully about it. Analyse why you’re using a particular shade in a specific room and the mood that you want it to convey. For instance, yellow is energetic and uplifting, while purple says warm and confident. The hallway is a great place to be more daring with colour: you’re not in it very often, and it’s the first impression visitors have of your home.



2  Colour consistency 

Use colour as a thread that runs all the way through the house. For example, at the comedian’s house in Bayswater, I used different shades of orange and teal. In some rooms, the orange has yellowish tones, while in others it’s more golden – but it’s always there, subtly linking different rooms together.



3  Small spaces 

People often think that these should be painted white to make them feel bigger. Instead, work with a lack of light and make them richer and darker. The old adage that the eye needs to travel through a room is true, and colour is a great way to ensure this happens.



4  Layering 

Create a mood by building up colour in a range of different mediums – whether that’s glass, carpet, wallpaper or light.


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