Insider Guide: terrariums

March 11, 2017 / DECORATING, Insider Guides
How to do terrariums

How to… get some indoor greenery


Terrariums are the low-maintenance, stylish and affordable way to have an indoor glass garden


How do I do it? Terrariums should be planted in open or sealed containers depending on the kind of plants inside, says Isabelle Palmer, author of new book The House Gardener (Cico Books, £25) and founder of The Balcony Gardener. Humidity-loving succulents do well in closed vessels, while sun-loving species thrive in open containers. Place your terrarium where it will get plenty of natural light, but take care: Palmer warns that ‘direct sun can “cook” the plants’.

‘Cube’ terrarium by West Elm

‘Cube’ terrarium by West Elm


Do terrariums need a lot of watering? Kally Ellis, founder and managing director of florist McQueens, advises: ‘They like humid conditions, so keep them away from fires and radiators. Water them little and often so that the roots don’t get waterlogged.’ In a closed environment, condensation from the leaves is re-absorbed by the roots, which helps to keep plants hydrated.



Tell me more… If you want more guidance, book a terrarium-making day class with expert John Newstead at Glass from the Past in Essex. And The Balcony Gardener sells ready-made terrariums, from £75.


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