Solutions: Robots

April 22, 2017 / DECORATING, Solutions

Robotic helpers for your home


Robots? In your home? It’s the future, and it’s closer than you think. Meet the nine domestic droids eager to perform all your dreary chores…


‘Robo Chef’ by Moley Robotics
Working with designer Sebastian Conran, British robotics firm Moley has created these graceful robot arms capable of slicing, dicing, stirring and whisking up a whole iTunes-like library of recipes all by itself. Available 2017


Samsung VR9000 Robot VC with Cyclone Force
This vacuum cleaner is built with advanced technology, including ten sensors and a camera to eliminate blind spots, meaning that it can accurately navigate your floors, avoiding obstacles and providing a no-hassle all-over clean. £800


Ecovacs Winbot W930
Never endanger yourself up a ladder again. Simply open your window and place this gravity-defying robot on the outside. it will scan the dimensions of the pane of glass before buffing every inch of it to a radiant shine using reusable microfibre cleaning pads. £330


Honda Miimo HRM520
Honda’s robo-mower will keep your lawn in check. Use the discreet wire provided to set up a fence around your garden; ‘Miimo’ will then automatically keep everything within that boundary neat and tidy and return to its charger when its battery is running low. £1,999


Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball
This pink fluffy ball rolls around the floor collecting dust and lint – control its trajectory using your smartphone. Remove the cover to wash it after use. Child and cat-friendly, too. £25


Furo-i Home Edition
Popular in South Korea, but yet to reach the UK, this cone-shaped family robot acts as a Wi-Fi connected security camera, makes video calls and controls smart home devices from heating to lighting. Available 2016


Dyson 360 Eye
With the most suction of any robot vacuum cleaner, ‘go anywhere’ tank tracks and panoramic 3D cameras, the Dyson is a game-changing robotic vacuum cleaner. Available 2016


Ecovacs Atmobot 3 Series
This mobile air purification robot hunts out airborne odours and pollutants before destroying them using its onboard filtration system. LEDS on the top glow red when your air quality is poor. Available 2016


Budgee follows you around like a helpful shadow, carrying heavy shopping bags or suitcases. You can drive him using your smartphone and his charge lasts ten hours. Available 2016