Solutions: healthier paint

October 27, 2017 / DECORATING, Solutions

How to… pick a paint that’s better for you


A coat of emulsion could pollute your home long after it has dried. There is an alternative. Paint entrepreneur Edward Bulmer has the answers…


The dangers Over the past century, the paint industry has increasingly used resins, synthetic dyes and chemicals derived from the plastics industry. Crucial paint qualities (dry time or shelf life) are commonly achieved with solvents, which are banned in all other consumer goods because some, such as phthalates and glycols, are believed to be linked to eczema and asthma.


The solution While many oil-based paints give off gas even after they’ve dried, natural paints dry rapidly by oxidation, with no by-products. As I was only able to reliably source white natural paint, I decided to create my own colour range using raw materials from plants, animals and minerals.


Watch the video… a five-minute tour, behind the scenes at Edward Bulmer’s headquarters in Herefordshire.


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