Are you one of Ferm Living’s ‘Paddle People’?

April 1, 2016 / OLD news posts

If you, like us, are charmed by these beautiful decorative wooden paddles with graphic knitted covers, you’d better act fast. The designs are part of an exclusive, limited-edition collaboration between Danish homeware brand Ferm Living and knit-artist Rikke Jo Tholstrup. There are five different designs available, all inspired by patterns from the indigenous art of North America – only ten of every paddle have been made, costing £248 each. They go on sale exclusively from Ferm Living on 4 April.

Every single paddle, from wood to knitted cover, is handmade and sourced in Denmark, with the knitted pieces being produced in a 1950s knitwear factory in western Denmark. ‘Once you understand the process of designing and creating the paddles, there’s also an aspect of craftsmanship that makes them not only decorative but also narrative – as with every great addition to your home, there’s a story to be told,’ says Tholstrup.