December 17, 2015 / OLD news posts
  • H&M Home's 2015 Christmas collection

    H&M Home's 2015 Christmas collection

  • Antler candle holder £9.99; Turqoise ceramic pot £7.99; brass tray £24.99; candle stick £7.99; cut-out candle holder £6.99

    Antler candle holder £9.99; Turqoise ceramic pot £7.99; brass tray £24.99; candle stick £7.99; cut-out candle holder £6.99

  • Graphic red and white cushion cover £7.99

    Graphic red and white cushion cover £7.99

  • Snowflake, £7.99

    Snowflake, £7.99

  • Tealight holder £2.99; Pineapple candle £4.99; Gold cut-out candle holder £3.99; Plant pot £12.99

    Tealight holder £2.99; Pineapple candle £4.99; Gold cut-out candle holder £3.99; Plant pot £12.99

We quiz the Swedish Head of Design at H&M Home about Christmas: from her rituals at home in Stockholm to how to deck your halls in style with the brand’s elegant seasonal pieces from its biggest-yet Christmas collection.

Scroll through the gallery to see our pick of the collection.

An H&M Home Christmas stands out because of our diverse use of colour, and traditional techniques. We design using classic colours such as creams and whites, sparkling silver and metallic gold. Of course, we also use red, but in a more contemporary way.  And always at affordable prices.  Our motto, year-round, is ‘Style in every home’. Our Christmas pieces are a way of doing that!

In my home, there is a different colour theme each year for Christmas. I tend to like a clear concept. This year we are going for creams and whites mixed with metallic – the Christmas tree is decorated floor-to-ceiling in white, silver and gold. Home is in the city of Stockholm, and so I also bring home a lot of winter greens, like branches of pine tree and holly, that I have around the house in clear glass vases.

I am generally not a traditional person, but I truly love the rituals of Christmas. Christmas holidays are highly valued in my household because of the days’ cosiness, warmth and kindness. Every year we decorate the house early, so we can enjoy it as long as possible.

It is not a cliché to use sparkle at Christmas. I am a magpie! To keep the look fresh, contrast spangly items with our matt ivy green linens, or sit them alongside a coloured glass vessel.

Our design studio is in Stockholm, but the H&M Home collection translates across all cultures, from Italian to Japanese. H&M Home is a universal look, and we always think globally when designing for our customers at Christmas. But sometimes I observe one of our pieces, look closer, and even I cannot deny the Scandinavian aesthetic – clean lines but cosy, colourful and chic.


The coziest piece in the winter collection? It’s impossible to name only a single item, so for me it is the heavy knitted blankets and cushion covers, alongside the copper candle holders. Scented candles are also always a must for my home.

It’s a material world. H&M Home’s opening collection was a textiles range, and they remain a cornerstone in every collection. Add texture to the starkest of lounges with throws and rugs – perfect for watching a family film on a snowy day!

Home for me is an ever-evolving place. Nothing will ever be constant in my home (apart from my husband and children!) as I like to live in the moment. However, there are of course some key pieces that stay year after year, such as art and furniture. With interior accessories, such as textiles and smaller products, I like to change these often and update them every season – I keep a selection of my favourite home accessories in the cupboard that I then bring out and mix with new pieces.