Inigo Scout blankets

February 25, 2016 / OLD news posts

Inigo Scout’s beautiful handwoven blankets are so much more than cosy winter warmers – for every one sold, ten blankets are made by craftspeople in disadvantaged communities for local children, in partnership with the charity Knit for Peace.

Husband-and-wife team Josh and Lisa Robinson were inspired to set up the company by their children (Inigo and Scout), who spent two months in intensive care after being born prematurely. ‘At the hospital, a cardboard box of colourful blankets knitted and donated by locals was the source of enormous physical and emotional comfort to both the children in care and their parents,’ says Josh. ‘When Inigo and Scout came through their tough early days, Lisa and I were determined to build a social enterprise that would bring warmth and comfort to children less fortunate than our own.’

Designed by talented artists and produced in signed limited editions of 60, the blankets are made from high-quality wool in Scotland, and are heavy enough to be used as wall hangings. Pictured above is Vietnamese artist Kimvi Nguyen’s ‘Selvedge’ design, a weave of rich blues inspired by Japanese selvedge denim. The price tag for each blanket may be high, but with it comes the chance to make a difference in troubled communities. £1,100 each (