April 6, 2015 / OLD news posts
James Mair

‘A design classic is pure, does not pander to fashion, solves a design problem beautifully and has a visual appeal that shows those inner qualities, plus a little bit extra. Maarten van Severen’s “T88W” oak table for Lensvelt [(1); 1999] shows how he agonised over every corner and mitre joint to create an understated dining table of perfect proportions. Wedgwood’s black basalt coffee cup and saucer [(2); 1768] has a perfect, simple form combined with complete confidence in the quality and material. I also love the Citroen “DS” [(3); 1955]. Most great concept cars get diluted by public reactions and practicalities after being unveiled at a motor show. Here, Citroen pushed the aesthetic and technical boundaries with great confidence to create something never seen before.’

James Mair, founder and director, Viaduct (viaduct.co.uk; @viaduct_london)

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