March 30, 2015 / OLD news posts
Matthew Hilton

‘Products become classics because they have some reference to the age in which they were first built. They are great examples of their type, they remain relevant and we see them around us continually because people value and look after them. They are made of lasting materials and are of high quality. Rolex’s stainless-steel and black-faced “Oyster Perpetual Explorer” watch [(1); the 1960 version], Richard Sapper’s “9090” espresso coffee maker for Alessi [(2); 1979] and a 1967 Mustang “Shelby” (3) are all solid, well-engineered, elegant designs with very little superfluous detail. Each does what’s required of it well and with conviction.’

Matthew Hilton, furniture designer (; @MHLtd_Studio)

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