Modern William Morris fabrics and papers by Morris & Co

September 13, 2016 / OLD news posts

Morris & Co’s new ‘Pure Morris’ collection will come as a revelation to anyone who has longed to use the designer’s work in a contemporary setting. A host of the great man’s prints have been reworked in a modern, neutral palette of taupe, grey, cream, gold and black. ‘The pared-back colourways open Morris up to a new audience,’ says Alison Gee, the brand’s head of design. ‘However, they retain the integrity of the originals that his fans know and love. This is Morris for modern living.’

The designs that Gee has selected include the famous ‘Strawberry Thief’ and ‘Bachelor’s Button’, as well as a series of lesser-known papers Morris created for ceilings, which have been reworked as wallpapers and fabrics. The new pieces – ‘Sunflower’ fabric, pictured – are coloured and screen-printed by hand in much the same way that Morris himself would have known.

More surprising is the inclusion of metallic details and beads encrusting wallpapers to create a lustrous effect. But they’re more authentic than they might seem. ‘Morris was always innovating,’ says Gee. ‘As we revisited the archive, we discovered that he used crushed glass, embossing, flock and metallic inks on wallpaper.’

Fabrics, from £38 per metre; wallpapers, from £52 per 10-metre roll (