March 20, 2015 / OLD news posts
Simon Watkins

‘A design classic is an item that fulfils its function perfectly and has timeless good looks. It almost has the ability to disappear – that is, it fits so well into a situation that nothing jars and it seems as though it has always been there. I like the “Gigogne” tumbler by Duralex (1), which has been in production since 1946. Robust, simple and pleasing to the eye, it’s suitable for water and wine and is used all over the world. I also admire Sori Yanagi’s stainless-steel kettle (2). Even though it was designed as recently as the mid-1990s, for me it’s already a classic, with a straightforward appearance that belies its complex manufacturing processes and refined detailing. It is a joy to use.’

Simon Watkins, co-founder, Labour & Wait (; @LabourandWait)

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