Classic Design: The ‘HK’ pitcher

February 25, 2017 / Classics, SHOPPING

The jug that’s art



Designed by Henning Koppel (1918–1981), who studied sculpture in his native Denmark before fleeing to neutral Sweden during Nazi occupation. While selling his jewellery designs in a small shop his work caught the eye of Danish silversmith Georg Jensen. It was the start of a fruitful working relationship.


Inspiration Koppel’s sleek stainless silver pieces blur the line between the sculptural and the functional. Nicknamed the ‘pregnant duck’, the curvaceous ‘HK’ pitcher requires a lengthy production process: two identical think pieces of metal are cut and shaped onto a mould when hot, then soldered together to form the finished piece.


The making of an icon A short film (4 mins) from George Jensen


Why we love it It’s like a piece of exquisite home jewellery. The ultimate expression of something that is both beautiful and useful. Original versions of the ‘HK’ picthers have become collectors’ items, regularly sold as covetable ornaments by the likes of auction house Christie’s.


Buy it now £275, Georg Jensen