Meet eclectic Swedish stylist to the stars, Bea Åkerlund, who’s just collaborated with IKEA

March 2, 2018 / Shopping News

Delphine Chui talks to the latest star of IKEA’s iconic collaborations 

Fashion and interiors have always been a powerful pair – so it’s no surprise that for IKEA’s latest collaboration they’ve gone beyond brands like HAY and design collaboratives such as 10-gruppen to give a nod to pop cultural stars like Bea Åkerlund.

For those who don’t recognise the Swedish stylist’s name, she’s the costume designer (and fashion activist) behind music videos for Beyoncé, Madonna and Blondie.

While her collection for IKEA can’t be described as minimalist, its monochrome features with red and gold accents could add gothic Hollywood glamour into any space.

The bold 35-piece collection has just dropped in stores now and is a prime example of the worlds of fashion and interiors intertwining. We caught up with the tastemaker to talk about all things homeware…

What was your inspiration behind the collection?
I based the collection on my own aesthetic and personality and designed the collection based on that.

What does your own home look like?
My home is black with a mix of a lot of antiques. I’m a huge collector and shop all over the world to find unique things as well as custom furniture I design together with my husband Jonas Åkerlund.

What items do you always go to IKEA for?
Storage and closets is something IKEA has always been very good at and something I have always acquired, as well as the Swedish meatballs when I miss home!

What do you seek in a statement piece?
Something that is memorable and timeless.

What touches make a living room homely?
Tons of cushions! Cosy and comfortable is key for any living space – and adding more colour and bringing in items that are fun and unexpected and create a theme is an easy way to liven up that space, too.

What’s your ultimate OMEDELBAR item?
The ultimate OMEDELBAR item is the top hat vase! It represents everything I stand for and my vibe.

What colours and fabrics are you particularly interested in at the moment?
I love velvet and I’m really into yellow as it makes me happy.

What’s a good statement piece for someone a little more minimalist?
Fun drinking glasses; they are subtle but still have an edge.

The OMEDELBAR range launches in stores and online from today, starting from £1.25.