Vegan House

June 16, 2015 / Uncategorized
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Once an old rundown building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the 3-floor terraced Vegan House has been transformed into a culinary cultural hotspot for people to meet up and cook traditional Vietnamese food, which – as you’ll guess from the building’s name – is predominantly vegan.

The house’s owner had collected a wide range of furniture, window frames, shutters and lampshades before approaching Block Architects, also based in the city, to create something entirely unique. The architects wanted to exploit the secondhand windows, a typical aesthetic of the once French colony, into a creative colour blocking façade. Also the shutters are ideal for the hot humid climate, providing shelter and ventilation and with the interior walls painted white they become the focal element of the building.

At the front the ground floor holds a large kitchen space in which people can come together, cook, talk and experiment with vegan ingredients, while a large dining area sits to the rear. The original atrium’s open central staircase takes you up to bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms on the first and second floor before leading to a small roof garden where the colourful shutters continue as part of the roof.

Photography: Quang Tran