Yellow London on how to balance a brave use of colour with real comfort

The interior design studio known for its fun, maximalist homes shares the secrets behind its style

Matt Clayton

Who are the creative brains behind interior design studio Yellow London?

Founders Cath Beckett and Liv Wallers met while working for esteemed British interior designer Joanna Wood. They bonded over their shared passion for colour, pattern and classic furniture, which led them to set up their studio, Yellow London, in 2017.

While Wallers trained in architectural design at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design, Beckett studied fashion marketing at Northumbria University and then worked in visual merchandising (‘invaluable experience when it comes to putting a room together’).

The pair say their skills and tastes are complementary: Wallers’ flair for colour, texture and narrative, married with Beckett’s love of art, antiques and period features.

yellow london, st marks
Liv Wallers (left) and Cath Beckett
Matt Clayton

What is Yellow London’s signature style?

Beckett and Wallers are proud of not having a ‘set style’, but their interiors are often gloriously colourful, with creatively clashing patterns. ‘There is an underlying theme to our work, which is a bold use of colour and pattern, but our clients can request very traditional interiors, or something much more modern, or anything in-between,’ says Beckett.

‘We love the variation. Contemporary maximalism is a big inspiration for us, but there’s also definitely a nod to the past. Half the fun is producing something different to the last project.’

A mix of traditional and modern pieces are united by colour and symmetry
Matt Clayton

What has Yellow London worked on recently?

The renovation of an 1840s property in Devon that ‘hadn’t been touched in decades’, where they elected to show off original architectural details and create a cosy feel with bright walls and fabrics. They’ve also completed a Grade II-listed house in Covent Garden, where they were challenged by a couple with very different opinions on style.

Beckett’s dining room features the joyful ‘Plein Eté’ wallpaper by Pierre Frey
Matt Clayton
Colour is considered, right down to the smallest detail, such as the trim on these pillowcases
Matt Clayton

‘One likes mid-century modern and the other is much more traditional,’ explains Wallers. ‘We used lots of William Morris fabrics and wallpapers, which they both loved, and upholstered their antique furniture in plain fabrics to modernise it.’

As is often the case with Yellow London interiors, there’s a sense of fun and playfulness at work, too. Here, it comes in the form of a Harry Potter-inspired children’s bedroom, featuring a train-style bunk bed and magic-themed murals on the ceiling.

Pale grey walls allow a vibrant artwork to take centre stage
Matt Clayton

What is Yellow London currently working on?

A new-build project by the sea in Cornwall that will be the antithesis of ‘classic coastal’, and an intriguing Grade II-listed home in Hertfordshire, which involves transforming outbuildings into a kitchen and open-plan living room.

Different scale patterns add interest to an elegant guest room
Matt Clayton

Yellow London says:

‘We want the homes we create to suit the client’s personality, to have a sense of originality and to be a feast for the eyes. Comfort and functionality are always key, and bravery pays off!’

The little black book

Yellow London founders Cath Beckett and Liv Wallers share their go-to brands for creating colourful and comfortable interiors


We’ve found some really colourful, original tiles at Otto Tiles in Hackney. It specialises in handcrafted designs and sells everything from ornate Turkish tiles to Moroccan zelliges, terrazzo and marble mosaics.


Essex design studio Teyssier is owned by Kate Teyssier, an expert in historical textiles, and sells the softest kid-mohair plain velvets. We’ve just used the petrol blue ‘Taling’ shade in our Covent Garden project. We also love the bold geometric ‘Hawkeswood’ linen – it works in so many schemes.


As well as antiques, Whiteworks in Pimlico sells wonderful fabrics and wallpapers by Jet & Co. Designed by Susanna White, they’re inspired by 1930s and 40s patterns created by her grandmother.


Blanchard Collective is an antiques shop in Marlborough, Wiltshire, and always worth the drive from London. We often leave with more than we went for – it has everything from Regency furniture to neon artworks.

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