Insider Guide: how to create the perfect bedroom

January 3, 2018 / DECORATING, Insider Guides

The boutique bedroom checklist

Tamara Heber-Percy, co-founder of boutique hotel travel company Mr and Mrs Smith shares her formula for a peaceful slumber 


1  Lighting This can make or break a room.  Lights need to be dimmable, and you should be able to turn all of them off with one quick flick of a bedside switch.



2  Scent Amangiri (a spa in Utah; both smell incredible.  Those aromas completely change transform the setting and, of course, help you to relax. At home, I burn a ‘White Wood’ candle from Clement & Claude, made from soy wax.  It smells heavenly, £14 at Clement & Claude



3  The bed Your hotel bed should be better than your bed at home.  It will, naturally, have freshly ironed sheets.  Thread count isn’t always everything- often a quality-made 400-count sheet can be better than one that’s often 700.  In fact, if you go too high, the sheets will become stiff.  There should be a hard and soft pillow to choose between, and a soft-to-the-skin throw to snuggle under.


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