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On the tiles: 8 of the best new designs for walls and floors

From technological advances and exciting designer collaborations to colour updates, here’s what’s new in tiles

'cromatica' tiles by cedit at domus
'Cromatica' tiles by Cedit at Domus

We’ve picked eight of our best new tile designs, just for you.


'new town' tiles by adam nathaniel furman for botteganove
'New Town' tiles by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Botteganove

‘New Town’ is a collaboration between London-based designer and colourful post-modernist proponent Adam Nathaniel Furman and the Italian ceramic manufacturers Botteganove. Inspired by the urban planning of the city of Bath and Edinburgh’s New Town, the pieces come with either a smooth or ribbed surface and fit together like a jigsaw (above). £427 per sq m Botteganove


'raku' tiles by claybrook
'Raku' tiles by Claybrook

Claybrook’s ‘Raku’ tiles (above) are named after the technique used to make them, with roots in Japanese ceramics. Raku ware bowls were used in tea ceremonies, but the technique – produced by firing at a low temperature and removing the vessels while hot – was also favoured by mid-century practitioners Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. These tiles share the crackled raku ware appearance. £199 per sq m Claybrookstudio.co.uk


'edition' terrazzo by basis rho
’Edition’ terrazzo by Basis Rho

Berlin-based duo Jeschkelanger, who specialise in repurposing used glass into artworks, have a new venture – tile firm Basis Rho. Reminiscent of terrazzo, the pieces comprise glass waste, cement, sand and coloured pigments and can be used for exterior and interior surfaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and worktops. ‘Editions’ (above) is available in ‘Soft Grape’ and ‘Dotty Black’, with a bespoke ‘Potential’ surface too. ‘Edition, £2,973 per3 sq m; ‘Potential’, £493 per sq m, Basis Rho


'the bela silva collection of tiles' by viuvalamego
'The Bela Silva Collection' by Viuvalamego
'the bela silva collection tiles' by viuvalamego
'The Bela Silva Collection' by Viuvalamego

Designed by Lisbon-based artist and ceramicist Bela Silva, the four patterns above are inspired by myriad influences, including Frida Kahlo’s kitchen, London Underground stations, Flemish tapestries and 1970s Portuguese cafés. The distinctive raised decorative surfaces are created by press moulding, where clay is forced into a mould by hand, then covered in thick glaze.‘The Bela Silva Collection’, from £299 per sq m, Viuvalamego


cle tilespress contact joe armenia joeacletilecom
’Zellige’ in gold by Cle Tile
Laurie Frankel Photography

Traditional zellige tiles are well loved for their uneven surface and colour, with no two the same – and now Clé has launched a 24-carat gold and platinum version (above). Glossy, bold but never brassy, the glaze is applied by hand following the traditional zellige method to maintain its artisanal quality. Introduce as highlight tiles among other colours or create maximum impact with wall-to-floor layering. From £30 each Cle Tile


'dsegni blend' by marazzi
’D_Segni Blend’ by Marazzi
'D_Segni Blend' by Marazzi

Marazzi’s ‘D_Segni Blend’ collection (above) reinterprets traditional Italian cement tiles but in stoneware, with 18 pattern formations and seven colours to choose from. The tiles are created using a process called StepWise, which produces a smooth surface, making them easy to clean and slip resistant. Price on application, Marazzi Tile


'theia x maison sarah lavoine' tiles 
’Theia x Maison Sarah Lavoine’ tiles
'Theia x Maison Sarah Lavoine' tiles 

Parisian interior designer Sarah Lavoine has released a collection of three-dimensional gems with Portugese brand Theia Creative Tiles. The colours are in Lavoine’s signature palette: bottle green, mustard yellow and ruby against black and white. For a similar look to above, combine different shapes and hues. ‘Theia x Maison Sarah Lavoine’, from £411 per sq m Theia Tiles


'cromatica' tiles by cedit at domus
'Cromatica' tiles by Cedit at Domus

As iridescence continues to enchant, Italian design duo Formafantasma, together with manufacturer Cedit, bring us the ‘Cromatica’ porcelain pencil tile (see above). Available with a matt or gloss finish, the tile’s innovative material takes on different colours when cast under white light, creating highlights that shimmer. ‘The shiny pastel surfaces give the illusion of an infinite sense of depth, helping to create fantasy-tinged interiors that ooze creative energy,’ says Jess Piddock, senior designer at Domus. From £436 per sq m, Domus

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