5 Ways To Make Your Utility Room More Than A Functional Space

The most practical room in the house can still be stylish


A utility room is one of the most hardworking spaces in your home, but it needn’t be uninspiring. Make yours an uplifting place to do the laundry with these stylish design ideas and streamlined avantgarde appliances by Siemens.

1. The right appliances

You might not normally start a laundry room decorating scheme by looking at your appliances, but the avantgarde washing machine and tumble dryer by Siemens are different. Designed to be as good looking as they are technologically smart, they have a streamlined monochrome silhouette that’s worlds away from conventional ‘white goods’. The intuitive, smartphone-like iSelect display, which lets you see programme status at a glance, is a smooth, glossy black and sets the tone for a clutter-free, efficient space.

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Both appliances have an array of functions that are designed to save you time, energy and resources, making for a smoother laundry routine. The stainRemoval programme automatically tackles 16 common stains (including tomato, grass and red wine), reducing the need for other detergents. When it comes to tumble drying, the autoDry function eliminates fabric shrinkage, while intelligent sensors prevent overdrying. And for maximum convenience, there’s HomeConnect. This allows you to control both appliances via an app, or by using your voice with Amazon Alexa, so you can start a load when you’re out and it will be done by the time you get home. The easyStart feature will also suggest the correct wash setting for your clothes.

2. Streamlined storage

Let the avantgarde range’s clean, simple look be your inspiration when it comes to storage. If your utility room’s on the small side, go for built-in cupboards that make the most of available space, and keep kit behind closed doors for a neat look. Use baskets to organise items by category, and try to keep things closest to where you’ll need them. Detergents should always be within reach of the washing machine, for instance.

If you’ve got more space to play with, add a freestanding linen cupboard, too. Here you can organise things like tea towels, table linens and throws – handy if your kitchen and dining room are nearby.

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3. Let in the light

Laundry day’s all about renewal, so make your utility room as bright and sparkling as possible. To get that airy feel, choose light fittings in reflective glass or ceramic, and go for glossy tiles on walls and worktops that will help bounce light around (they’re easier to clean, too). The avantgarde appliances by Siemens are designed with energy efficiency in mind (they have an A*** rating), so complement this with low-consumption LED lighting. Invisible light strips under wall cupboards and worktops will up the glow factor.

4. Mood-boosting colours

A blue light ring around the drum – a distinctive feature of Siemens avantgarde appliances – will not only illuminate your space, but also inspire your colour scheme. This clean, bright blue goes beautifully with white, violet and soft greens – which also happen to be the shades we associate with cleanliness and calm. Blue, for example, makes us think of clean water and clear skies, while lavender tones evoke calm and luxury, and green symbolises renewal.

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5. Fresh scents

Everyone wants their laundry to smell fresh and clean as possible, and the Siemens avantgarde washing machine is well equipped to help you achieve this. Its sensoFresh programme uses active oxygen to neutralise smells in just 30 to 45 minutes without using any water or detergent, making it ideal for any fabric type. Other ways to add good aromas to your utility space include fragrance diffusers, which are ideal for small rooms like this, as they’re long lasting. Opt for fresh, delicate scents that won’t overwhelm, such as citrus and herbal notes.

For more information and to find a retail partner in your area, visit Siemens Home UK.

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