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Customisable designs are the big innovation in lighting

Discover the pieces that give you the power to transform their look

Customisable lighting by Artemide

Inventive creatives are disrupting the lighting world with a do-it-yourself approach. Their fluid designs can be tweaked, twisted and adjusted to form new shapes, altering the play of light and shade.

One of the finest examples of this trend is ‘Interweave’, a concept by Italian brand Artemide and Dubai-based designer Pallavi Dean. The innovative lighting installation is composed of aluminium cylinders around which a malleable LED cord can be threaded. The piece touts total flexibility, with the size, number and placement of its tubes affecting the shape of the glowing line – it can even be fitted with speakers, sensors or projectors.

‘Designing lighting is more and more about creating an experience’

‘Flexible spaces promote a more conscious use of energy and the planet’s resources,’ argues Artemide chief executive Carlotta de Bevilacqua, highlighting the potential eco appeal of designs that can adapt to the needs of different rooms and moods, therefore reducing the desire to buy new pieces. ‘Designing lighting is more and more about creating an experience,’ adds de Bevilacqua. By offering reinvention post-installation (all without ever touching a toolkit or needing to call in an electrician), each clever piece can endlessly renew itself. Of course, the ‘Interweave’ isn’t the only chameleon of the lighting world – see below for our edit:

Customisable lighting with a jewellery aesthetic

Combine your choice of the ‘Junit’ range’s eight geometric elements. Or pick a version curated by the designer, Julia Jessen. ‘Karma’, £220, Schneid

Customisable lighting by Foscarini at Aram Store
Massimo Gardone

Manipulate the fabric of the ‘Nuée’ (French for ‘thick cloud’), by Marc Sadler for Foscarini, to subtly change the way its light falls. From £1,817, Aram Store

Customisable lighting by Fendi Casa at Harrods
Fendi Casa

The ‘Lux’ pendant light by Cristina Celestino for Fendi Casa features a balancing system that allows you to easily adjust its glass sphere. From £2,500, Harrods

Customisable lighting from Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen

Twist the bottom of the ‘Clam’ pendant, by Ahm & Lund for Fritz Hansen, and its shell opens to reveal the LED pearl hidden within. Available in 2020

This article appeared in ELLE Decoration September 2019 issue

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