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Stylish storage is one of the most important elements of any home. Aram Store’s diverse range and trusted advice will help you make the most of it

montana storage in pale blue

As one of the best places in the UK to find contemporary design, Aram Store is an expert when it comes to storage. Its flagship store in London’s Covent Garden plays host to beautifully crafted, functional designs by brands from around the world, with extensive displays that make it the ideal place to find inspiration. Many of the collections are modular, so Aram’s experienced team will work with you to create a customised solution for your home.

Both in store and online, you’ll find a wide selection of cabinets, wardrobes, adaptive shelving and more – and for the whole of April, Aram Store is offering ELLE Decoration readers up to 20 per cent off four of its best-selling storage brands. Here’s what to look out for and how to make the most of your home with these offers.


The ‘USM Haller’ storage range
The ‘USM Haller’ storage range, patented in 1965, is an iconic mix-and-match modular system that suits all spaces

About the brand: This family company, established in Switzerland in 1885, is best known for the ‘USM Haller’ storage system, created for its own offices in the 1960s with architect Fritz Haller. Based on a patented ball joint and chrome frame with coloured doors, the iconic design was included permanently in New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2001.
What it does best: Adaptable modular storage is still the company’s main focus, but there’s also an excellent range of desks, tables and work accessories.
Hero product: The ‘USM Haller’ system allows you to tailor storage precisely to your space and décor by mixing 14 different coloured steel doors with glass shelves, drawers, lighting and more.
Offer: 15 per cent off all storage.


Porro storage
Porro’s clean, functional pieces blend the traditional with the state-of-the-art

About the brand: This family-run company has been crafting high-quality furniture since 1925, specialising in refined wood finishes.
What it does best:
If you’re looking fora floating bookcase system that doubles as a room divider or a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, Porro is ideal. It also has great storage systems for TVs.
Hero product:
The ‘Dressing Room’ wardrobe system by Piero Lissoni, customisable to any space.
15 per cent off all storage.


storage pale blue

About the brand: This Danish brand was founded in 1982 by Peter J Lassen, who also designed its extensive range of modular storage, which can be customised for every room in your home.
What it does best:
Designs in a sleek lacquered MDF finish, which come in a rainbow of hues (there are 42 to choose from) and in every imaginable configuration. There are myriad options, such as wall-hung cabinets for the bathroom and home-office units on castors or bespoke bedroom shelving.
Hero product:
The ‘Montana system’, which allows you to create everything from compact units for small spaces to large-scale shelving solutions.
20 per cent off customisable and modular ‘Montana system’ storage.


Glas Italia’s ‘Magic Box’ sideboard
Glas Italia’s ‘Magic Box’ sideboard
Glas Italia

About the brand:
Established in Brianza in 1972, Glas Italia embraces the Lombardy region’s historic tradition of glassmaking and industrial design.
What it does best:
Manufactures contemporary glass furniture that’s both glamorous and versatile.Its streamlined designs are created by big-name designers such as Nendo, Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquiola, and embrace colour as well as sculptural forms. Storage includes statement bookcases, sideboards, chests and wardrobes.
Hero product:
Glossy or opaque coloured-glass ‘Magic Box’ sideboards by Piero Lissoni, featuring mirrored compartments.
20 per cent off all storage.

For more information, visit aram.co.uk, or call 020 7557 7557

This article first appeared in ELLE Decoration April 2020.

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