An easy guide to creating a more useable kitchen

Simple tips for designing a space that's as practical as it is stylish with Hoover

kitchen with hoover appliances

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home - which means you want a space that feels like a representation of who you really are. Of course, this includes decorative details that fit your tastes and express your style, but also practical decisions that suit your lifestyle. The perfect kitchen is one that is actually useable, after all.

Luckily, the Hoover COLLECTION 3 cooking range is packed with sleek yet efficient appliances designed to help you create a more functional space. Here’s our guide to the range, with handy tips for making the most of it in your home.

1. Open with the oven

    Creating a practical space starts with easy-clean appliances - like Hoover’s COLLECTION 3 range of ovens. With a sleek appearance, each oven in the collection comes with a built-in eco-friendly self-cleaning system, designed to dramatically reduce time spent cleaning.

    Choose from three tailored cleaning systems. First, there’s the Hydro Easy Clean system, which efficiently removes residual grease using steam power. Simply add water to the bottom of your oven, activate the 90° Hydro Easy Clean function then wipe off any dirt with a cloth.

    hoover collection 3 oven

    Next, there’s the Catalytic cleaning-ready oven. These ovens are coated with ​​oxidation catalysts, which soften and burn off grease deposits - allowing you to easily wipe them away. Finally there’s a Pyrolytic cleaning oven. These are Hoover’s most advanced self-cleaning ovens, reaching temperatures of over 400ºC to burn off even the most-stuck grease and food. Once cooled, wipe away - and voila, your oven is as good as new.

    2. Make the most of technology

      Beautiful appliances are great; but being able to use them to create healthy and delicious food easily? That’s even better. Hoover’s Wizard app connects to your COLLECTION 3 appliances, allowing you to turn them on and off, control the temperature remotely and run efficiency checks even when you're not in the house.

      The app is also packed with over 200 healthy recipes so that you can make the most of your oven. Each delicious meal includes guided instructions with the 'MyChef' assisted cooking program - and the Wizard app will set your oven to the correct temperature automatically as you cook.

      The COLLECTION 3 range is officially chef approved too, with Simon Rimmer appointed brand ambassador. In fact, for a limited time only Hoover are offering a free Simon Rimmer Chef's Collection Hamper, featuring a chef’s knife, bamboo chopping board and tea towels, with any COLLECTION 3 purchase.

      simon rimmer cooking with hoover appliances

      3. Find a hob that works for you

        Do you favour an induction hob or a gas hob in your kitchen? Whichever you prefer - stylistically and functionally - Hoover’s COLLECTION 3 range includes a range of sleek, modern and long-lasting models.

        If you go for gas, choose from chic all-black or modern chrome designs. If an induction hob is more your thing, look out for the easy-to-use touch controls: just a slide of your finger will instantly change the temperature of your hob.

        4. Add in much-needed ventilation

        Though sometimes forgotten, a cooker hood is an essential part of a kitchen design that is fit for purpose. A sharp and sleek hood adds a modern touch while extracting steam and unwanted odours when cooking, leaving your kitchen (and the rest of your home) smelling fresh.

        Hoover’s COLLECTION 3 hood range is a good example of combining great design with practicality. Choose from multiple finishes to suit your decor, as well as both angled and traditional styles. Each cooker hood is designed to be ultra user-friendly too: think LED lights to assist your cooking (while using 90% less energy than conventional bulbs) and an automatic timer function.

        Discover Hoover's COLLECTION 3 range now. And for a limited time only, receive a free Simon Rimmer Chef's Collection Hamper, featuring a chef’s knife, bamboo chopping board and tea towels, with any COLLECTION 3 purchase

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