Laura Jackson on the moments that inspired her new homeware store Glassette

Ever become frustrated hunting out designs for your home? So has Laura Jackson. Here, she tells us about her new solution…

laura jackson portrait
Stephanie Sian-Smith

We live in a world obsessed with the new but, lately, there has been a backlash. Mass-produced pieces and the homeware equivalent of fast fashion feels less attractive since, during numerous lockdowns, we have all spent more time enjoying the simple pleasures of home – the satisfaction of setting a table for dinner, or putting fresh sheets on the bed.

face plate by ks creative pottery on glassette
Face plate by KS Creative Pottery, available on Glassette
striped vase george bronwin glassette
Striped vase by George Bronwin, available on Glassette

As the world begins to speed back up, I found myself wanting to remember the importance of those things. Integral to these everyday joys is homeware that feels special. Speckled glasses blown by mouth, hand-woven blankets, a perfectly imperfect vase carefully thrown on a pottery wheel.

I believe that everything in our homes should tell a story.

Even the most functional pieces can be surprising or a bit bonkers. I have spent hours on Instagram in the past, replying to people’s DMs about where to find these artisan gems. That’s how I came up with the idea for Glassette – a new homeware marketplace and my Covid baby.

Born out of the frustration that there was no one-stop shop to find meaningful homeware, and certainly nowhere that was even thinking about its responsibility to the planet, it is not just a place to shop, but also somewhere to find a community of like-minded home-lovers.

laura jackson and daniel crow portrait
Laura Jackson and brother-in-law/business partner Daniel Crow

Launched with the help of my brother-in-law and business partner Daniel Crow, Glassette offers a curated edit of the best independent lifestyle brands out there, with an emphasis on stories, not stuff.

My focus is provenance, with an eye on longevity – helping people who want to support artistry while being, what I call, enviro-conscious. From ensuring ethical sourcing and local production to focusing on social impacts, such as a living wage for makers, we will be collaborating with the talent behind every piece to encourage sustainable practices.

lampshade by ceau store on glassette
Striped lampshade by Ceau Store, available on Glassette
tumblers by bias editions on glassette
Tumblers by Bia Editions, available on Glassette

Once an Insta-bugbear, then a seed of an idea, Glassette is now run out of my basement – which I have converted into an office – and its virtual doors are open to everyone. I couldn’t be more excited. There is lots to do, but I’m just getting started.

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