With editions all over the globe, ELLE Decoration has the widest breadth of interior design knowledge in the world. Taking advantage of the many experts that head up its international issues (and judge the yearly EDIDA awards), we asked them to share their predictions for the big design trends in 2022.

Ben Spriggs, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration UK

elle decoration editor in chief ben spriggs
Ben Anders

What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

Positivity. After two years of depression and negativity, the world is crying out for a big injection of positive attitude. Interiors will be where this seismic shift is most apparent, with even the most conservative consumers embracing bright colours, bold patterns and exaggerated proportions.

Extravagance. Another reaction to the extended period of collective trauma and financial depression caused by the pandemic, there is a definite move towards extreme luxury and extravagance. Take it as this generation’s version of the roaring 1920s. There is a tangibly hedonistic approach to the way people are behaving and their approach to interiors too. Precious materials, gilded details and a revival of chinoiserie characterise this look.

Collaboration. Perhaps a reaction to a world where it was so hard for us all to work together, there’s definitely a new appreciation for meaningful and creative collaboration. While working from home is not going to disappear completely, designers and creatives are looking to harness the opportunity to meet and interact in person, making the most of being able to touch and work on products in real life rather than virtually.

‘roll top’ chair by sedilia
‘Roll Top’ chair by Sedilia

    What is your brand to watch in 2022?

    Sedilia. This newly launched British furniture brand that comes from this country’s great tradition of strong designer makers. Having spent 20 years creating bespoke to-order pieces for some of the UK’s best-known interior designers, the company decided to put its expertise into creating a direct to consumer brand producing exquisite upholstery and cabinetry. The ‘Roll Top’ chair is one of my favourite new pieces with its voluptuous, exaggerated proportions and cocooning curves. sedilia.com

    ‘tide’ dining table and chairs from the ‘everyday’ collection by fred rigby studio
    ‘Tide’ dining table and chairs from the ‘Everyday’ collection by Fred Rigby Studio

    Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

    Fred Rigby Studio. This designer’s eponymous London-based furniture and interior design practice’s designs are characterised by organic shapes, natural symbolism and earthy materials that provide a strong connection to nature. I love that Fred’s furniture adds playfulness, presence and comfort to everyday life. fredrigbystudio.com

    Evelien Reich, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration Netherlands

    evelein reich editor of elle decoration netherlands
    Anne Timmer

    What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

    Optimism. To be able to live freely is something that many of us had somewhat taken for granted, but the last 18 months have brought into focus what it’s like to lose many of the aspects of life we’ve come to rely on. Heading back out in the world feels like a joyous novelty and I believe design will reflect that outlook.

    Responsible. Manufacturing will have to change to meet sustainable goals, and brands will take more and more steps to meet the moment.

    Together. Another learning: we can’t move forward by ourselves, we need to collaborate more with one another to evolve. To learn, to gain new insights, to see the world from another perspective. Design created by a diversity of voices will appeal to a broader audience. Also, it’s more fun to work together.

    byborre headquarters in amsterdam
    Inside the ByBorre headquarters in Amsterdam
    Jordi Huisman

      What is your brand to watch in 2022?

      ByBorre. Borre Akkersdijk is a forward-thinking designer who started his career only using deadstock material. Now he is working on making deadstock a thing of the past, with the introduction of Create, a platform for sustainable fabric production which includes an easy-to-use software application linked to fabric mills. This means that fabrics can be designed and manufactured in exactly the print, colour and amount you need. An amazing sustainable initiative for the industry that is already being used by brands that want to create responsibly. byborre.com

      khaled el may’s reinvention of the‘medallion’ chair for dior
      Khaled El May’s reinvention of the‘Medallion’ chair for Dior
      Tanya Traboulsi

      Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

      Khaled El Mays. I am continuously blown away by his work. He reinterprets crafts to stunning effect to offer something new, and his show at Nilufar depot during Salone was nothing short of a revelation. I adore his online presentations in which he plays with scale in a way that is really daring. Also, his version of the Dior Medallion chair was by far my favourite. One to watch… @khaledelmays

      Katarina Matsson, Managing Editor ELLE Decoration Sweden

      katarina matsson elle decoration sweden
      ELLE Decoration Sweden

      What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

      Local. After many years of outsourcing, the pandemic (not to mention climate change) has made us realise the advantages of local production. In Sweden we see a lot of smaller companies establishing themselves, producing locally while putting the spotlight on traditional Swedish industries.

      Sustainability. I know we’ve been saying it for a while, but I think more and more brands are going from talking the talk to actually walking the walk. Reused materials of different kinds (not only plastics), renovation services and modular designs will play a big part in the transition. New services like Danish Målbar make it easier for brands to put real numbers on their environmental impact. Hopefully, in the future, sustainability will be at the core of all successful brands, something barely worth mentioning.

      Technology. New technologies are fundamental to the future of design. Reform Design Lab’s 3D printed ‘Reform’ chair, made out of wood-based bio-composite is a great example of technology meets design meets sustainability.

      sustainable furniture and accessories by verk
      Sustainable furniture and accessories by Verk

      What is your brand to watch in 2022?

      Verk. A collective consisting of experienced designers who have joined forces to create a timeless collection completely made in Sweden. Verk has succeeded in producing beautiful pieces that put materials and handicraft at the core, while still being innovative in its use of form. verk.se

      ‘dag’ daybed by gustaf winsth for gärsnäs
      ‘Dag’ daybed by Gustav Winsth for Gärsnäs

      Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

      Gustav Winsth. Their collaboration with historically renowned design company Gärnsäs and classmate Teresa Lundmark has resulted in the simple yet strong ‘Dag’ daybed. He’s also made a beautiful vase for Verk. gustavwinsth.com

      Marta Rioperez, editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration Spain

      marta rioperez elle decoration spain
      Patricia Gallego / Hearst

      What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

      Outdoor environments. We are all set to spend more time than ever outdoors, with gardens and terraces equipped for year-round use.

      Natural materials. Now is the time to see products made using leather, rope and rustic fabrics. Expect to see them arranged in braids.

      Sustainability. No longer a niche or afterthought, this will becomes a basis for the future of design.

      ‘ermis’ chair by the new raw
      ‘Ermis’ chair by The New Raw
      The New Raw

      What is your brand to watch in 2022?

      The New Raw. Its ‘Ermis’ chair is made using waste plastic material from its own production line – so it’s twice recycled. The process results in a seat with beautiful colour gradients. thenewraw.org

      ‘nebula’ glassware collection by serena confalonieri for otto
      ‘Nebula’ glassware collection by Serena Confalonieri for Otto
      Serena Confalonieri

      Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

      Serena Confalonieri for the positivity of her creations. serenaconfalonieri.com

      Eva Slunečková, Managing Editor ELLE Decoration Czech Republic

      eva sluneckova elle decoration czech republic
      Jiri Thyn

      What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

      Crafts. Traditions are experiencing a huge comeback and that trend will continue to grow.

      Imperfection. Nothing is more trendy than imperfection!

      Sustainability. Finally responsible production is not just a members’ club – it’s becoming design’s daily bread.

      blomma showroom in prague
      Inside Bomma’s Prague showroom

      What is your brand to watch in 2022?

      Bomma. This lighting company is moving Bohemian glass into the 21st century. Created in collaboration with Italian design curator Sophie Wannenes (PalermoUno) the brand’s showroom in the centre of Prague places its collections in context and is a great place for professionals to discuss current design issues. bomma.cz

      the blooming vase by zheni
      The Blooming Vase by Zheni
      Lubo Baran

      Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

      Evgeniia Kazarezova. The ceramic pieces she creates for her brand Zheni characterise her open-minded approach to design. Her ‘Wearable Vase’ recently won a Premiere Classe x Eyes on Talents Award in Paris, and her flexible sculpture Flower Dome shows a new interesting point of view on clay. zheni.studio

      Maria Patoucha, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration Greece

      maria patoucha elle decoration greece
      ELLE Decoration Greece

      What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

      Lux sustainability. Two themes that seemed to hover over every booth at last year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan were sustainability and craftsmanship. These will continue to be huge in 2022.

      Multipurpose products. We are expecting more from our designs, so expect to see pieces that combine several uses to make our lives easier.

      Biophilic design. Nature will continue blending into our home surroundings.

      ‘tube chairs’ by klemens schillinger for typ
      ‘Tube Chairs’ by Klemens Schillinger for TYP

        What is your brand to watch in 2022?

        TYP. This brand brings historical design into the present with interesting twists and collaborations with some of today’s biggest names. The company’s motto is: Tomorrow is Now. typ.land

        andrea mancuso and emilia serra, founder of analogia projects
        Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra, founder of Analogia Projects
        Analogia Projects

        Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

        Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra. With Analogia Project they experiment with a new visual language and explore our relationship with everyday elements. Their projects are a pretext to find new ways to merge digital process and craftsmanship. analogiaproject.com

        Judit Osvárt, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration Hungary

        judit osvart elle decoration hungary
        ELLE Decoration Hungary

        What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

        Light blue and other pastel hues. We keep seeing this colour everywhere and I am convinced it will be a big trend in interior design – not only in terms of furniture and objects, but also as a wall or ceiling colour.

        Maximalism. More is more. The mix and match of different patterns, styles and, of course, colours will create a patchwork effect in interiors. Lots of textiles, local craft items, art pieces and walls painted in different colours will be a must.

        Checks. I expect to see this old-fashioned pattern in bold, vivid colours on walls, furniture and accessories.

        wooden tray by itthon
        Wooden tray by Itthon

        What is your brand to watch in 2022?

        Itthon. Founded by young and talented Hungarian designer Bálint Szalai this brand’s name translates as ‘here, at home’. It is a perfect example of responsible social design – a small collection of objects produced in very small quantities in Szalai’s native village Ada (in a less developed region of Serbia, where a big group of Hungarian minority lives), by talented and often old craftspeople who are masters of their trades. itthon.co

        ‘uppgradera’ collection of ikea hacks by adam miklosi
        ‘Uppgradera’ collection of Ikea hacks by Adam Miklosi
        Adam Miklosi

        Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

        Adam Miklosi. In 2020 he designed an extremely simple and cheap face shield for the Covid crisis from a single sheet of plastic, then published the design as an open-source file that was downloaded tens of thousands of times around the world. His ‘Upgradera’ project is a collection of 3D printed extensions to existing Ikea products. I think he is the kind of new generation ethical and socially sensible designer who is fully aware that we don’t need more products, we just need add-ons for the existing ones so that we can be able to use them longer. adammiklosi.com

        Sonia Dutt, Chief Creative Officer ELLE Decoration India

        sonia dutt managing editor of elle decoration india
        ELLE Decoration India

        What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

        Flexible. The pandemic, working from home and uncertainty taught the world many new things, but perhaps the most important one is to be flexible. We need to adapt; to have a flexible home with non-demarcated boundaries.

        Abstract. In the times that we live in, we need design to break the shackles and be non-conformist. It has to show a new path and a new way of thinking.

        Detail. When contemporary straight lines start to become boring, when the detailed ingredients bring that joie de vivre in your creations, that is when design starts to rock in a new way.

        handcrafted rug by jaipur rugs
        Handcrafted rug by Jaipur Rugs
        Jaipur Rugs

          What is your brand to watch in 2022?

          Jaipur Rugs. This brand has used the Indian craft and patterns beautifully while uplifting the poor craftspeople of the country by giving them a vision. Simultaneously, all their collections maintain a fresh new vibe and aesthetic. jaipurrugs.com

          ‘lakh gola’ console table by thisandthat
          ‘Lakh Gola’ console table by Thisandthat

          Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

          Ariane Thakore Ginwala. Her designs have a timeless feel about them. She has revived a lot of traditional dying craft and given it a new form. At the same time, her work is a perfect balance of colour and geometry. thisandthat.in

          Céline Tremblay, Editor-in-Chief ELLE Decoration Canada

          celine tremblay elle decoration canada
          ELLE Decoration canada

          What are your 3 key design trends for 2022?

          Think nature-first. We need to reduce the impact design has on nature by applying this concept: ‘Think globally, plan regionally, then act locally.’

          Decrease. We need to be cutting back on production. Let’s design fewer, better things.

          Be humble. If design is about how we can live better, it is also about how we will survive. Let’s face it: ancient practices are seeing a revival because of the failures of modern design.

          wooden dining table and chairs by kastella
          Dining table and chairs by Kastella

            What is your brand to watch in 2022?

            Kastella. I think that the best designs are timeless ones. In Montreal, Quebec, this brand’s small workshop produces a limited number of furniture pieces that are on par with the very greatest Scandinavian (Hans Wegner) or Japanese (Naoto Fukasawa) designs. It has a modest team that focuses on just the essentials, with a slight creative twist. kastella.ca

            the arc by balibased architecture firm ibuku
            The Arc by Bali-based architecture firm Ibuku

            Who is the designer you are expecting greatness from in 2022?

            Elora Hardy. This Canadian-born designer living in Bali is the founder of Ibuku (which translates roughly as “Mother Nature”), a design firm that uses bamboo to build homes and structures. Her buildings are stunning: sustainable, enigmatic and incredibly gracious. ibuku.com