Studiopepe elegantly fuses past and present in this Milanese apartment

This interior redefines luxury using a celebratory palette that combines colour, pattern, finish and texture

Living space with two armchairs, wall art and rug
Andrea Ferrari

Set in an early 19th-century building in the Brera district in central Milan, is an elegant fusion of past and present. Co-founders of design agency Studiopepe, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, came up with the idea for the apartment while they were having a drink at Bar Basso, one of Milan’s oldest and most famous cocktail bars. Having previously created shop interiors for big brands such as MaxMara and Fritz Hansen, the duo were eager to work in a domestic setting.

Round marble table and upholstered stool with red screen
Andrea Ferrari

‘When we go to visit someone, we discover their private universe, full of signs, layered details and personal objects,’ says Arianna. ‘We believe that a home is the physical transposition of our inner world, so we filled the apartment with things that make us happy and that evolve over time. Barriers between the rooms are fluid, and there are nomadic furnishings whose functions can be transformed.’

Mirror and console table
Andrea Ferrari

Arianna and Chiara took inspiration from artists when planning the apartment’s decoration. Among them were Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, English sculptor David Tremlett and American artist Sol LeWitt, whose work influenced the geometric murals that the pair designed for this space. These roam over walls and ceilings, creating visual ‘conversations’ with artworks, furniture, doors and windows.

Kitchen island with red velvet curtains
Andrea Ferrari

‘We used them to open up new perspectives,’ explains Arianna. ‘For us, it’s not just what’s in a room that’s important, but what you can see from one room to another.’

Four seater dining table with chairs and brass wall shelf
Andrea Ferrari
Portrait of Arianna Lelli Mami (left) and Chiara Di Pinto of Studiopepe
Arianna Lelli Mami (left) and Chiara Di Pinto of Studiopepe, Andrea Ferrari

For the full house tour see ELLE Decoration October 2017

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