London penthouse apartment with an interior inspired by the capital's diversity

Designed by Hubert Zandberg it reflects the best qualities of the capital

Luxury London penthouse with an interior by Hubert Zandberg
Ingrid Rasmussen/Frank Features

Step onto the terrace of this London penthouse and you are surrounded by monuments to the capital’s power – historical, political and financial. Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and The Shard all crowd for attention, but it’s this apartment’s interior, by designer and tastemaker Hubert Zandberg, that leaves a lasting impression. Hubert and his team drew on Britain’s traditions of decoration and craftsmanship, as well as the multicultural mix of influences that defines the capital. ‘It’s a marriage of ideas, styles, cultures and eras, balanced with a contemporary edge,’ he explains.

Ingrid Rasmussen/Frank Features

It’s fitting then that this property is situated on the top floor of the former headquarters of the Arts Council, whose mission it is to enrich people’s lives with creative ideas that represent the multiplicity of Britain’s identity. The neo-gothic property, built in 1907, has been redeveloped into a residential block by Barbara Weiss Architects and the Aperture Group, with this two-floor penthouse its crowning jewel.

‘This apartment is designed for a truly contemporary, culturally informed citizen’

On the upper floor there’s an open-plan feel, with the kitchen, dining, living and study areas all leading out to wonderful outdoor entertaining terraces, while the three ensuite bedrooms are located below to ensure a feeling of privacy and seclusion. Every room in the apartment features a melting pot of pieces. There’s wooden furniture by quintessentially British brand Julian Chichester, fine Italian fabrics by Rubelli and Dedar, classic Danish chairs, Afghan kilims, African baskets… the list goes on.

Ingrid Rasmussen/Frank Features

‘Our brief was to develop a new international style that is timeless, textured, contemporary and transportive,’ says Hubert, who also channelled London’s diversity and appetite for change when presupposing the personality of the apartment’s potential tenants. ‘This apartment is designed for a truly contemporary, culturally informed citizen of the world,’ he explains. ‘A modern bohemian if you will, who travels and collects, not necessarily physical objects but ideas and moods from the many places they visit.’

The result is a mesmerising mix of artefacts, art, pattern, colour and exquisite furniture. Plus, it’s possible to experience Hubert’s unique take on the capital’s character yourself as this home is available as a holiday rental. With such luxuriously edited surroundings, you may choose to stay indoors and tick off London’s key sightseeing spots from the comfort of the terrace.

This feature appeared in ELLE Decoration October 2019.

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