Colour is the key to good moods in this London family home

This townhouse’s sunny palette was the work of K&H Design, which worked with the homeowner to create an uplifting space

kh design family home in london, colourful living room
paul raeside

If ever there were a house with a demeanour that could be described as sunny, it would be this one. The front door is painted Mr Happy yellow, while the hallway features a patchwork of coloured hexagonal tiles. From the moment you enter this property in London’s leafy Notting Hill, the atmosphere is bright, positive and ideal for family life.

Its owner, Gabrielle, a Parisian property specialist with a finely tuned personal taste, moved to this four-storey townhouse with her husband and two children two years ago, drawn to the wide rooms, high ceilings and large windows that overlook a garden square. ‘For a Parisian, Notting Hill feels like living in the countryside,’ she says.

kh design family home in london, yellow front door
paul raeside

The daylight and garden may have been what first attracted Gabrielle, but the interior transformation by K&H Design is what truly brought this house to life. Continuing with the joyful entrance as an example, there are contrasting graphics on the floor, staircase and wall, all unfolding in a variety of colours. Kudos to the mastery of Henry Miller-Robinson, co-partner and creative lead at K&H Design – the blend is far from outlandish.

‘It was an amazing opportunity to combine pattern and colour in a way that many clients wouldn’t embrace,’ says co-partner Katie Glaister on the daring combinations that lead from the celadon-painted glazed divider separating the ground-floor rooms. ‘The colours are different, but the way the tones blend is satisfying. It works.’

kh design family home in london kitchen
paul raeside

Each room has its own focal point. In the living room, the rug by Marguerite Le Maire is the eye-catcher. It zones this part of the open-plan space from the kitchen and dining areas. Beyond the pattern play, K&H also specialise in bespoke cabinetry.

In the kitchen, a central island, topped with green Pyrolave (a type of enamelled lavastone), sits in front of an indispensable larder. ‘Without that cupboard, the room wouldn’t operate as a practical space,’ says Katie.

kh design family home in london dining room
paul raeside

In slight contrast to this fresh, functional look, the adjoining dining area has a relaxed bistro feel, with custom-made tobacco-leather banquette seating.

Downstairs, there’s a yoga studio/homework area for the children, where a jungle-themed wallpaper by Cole & Son offers a playful take on zen style, and on the first floor the main bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are also dominated by pattern. It’s here that we find the botanical wallpaper Gabrielle fell in love with: ‘Oasis Mural’ by Woodchip & Magnolia. It is used on the wall that divides the bed from the abundance of wardrobe space behind.

kh design family home in london bedroom
paul raeside

Throughout this whole interior, confidence is the vital ingredient. ‘Gabrielle has an incredibly strong aesthetic,’ says Katie. ‘She gave us the chance to feed her boldness in a controlled way.’

Indeed, the idea to include that dazzling front door came directly from the homeowner. ‘The yellow makes me smile,’ explains Gabrielle. ‘In comparison to Paris, the light in London is grey and it can be dull. For me, this recreates the sun.’

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