How to create a stylish at-home gym

Upgrade your yoga mat and ditch that lonely kettlebell – it’s time to give your home gym a luxury makeover


Working out at home has been popular for decades. From Jane Fonda’s 80s’ aerobics videos – complete with leg warmers – to Davina McCall’s DVDs and, more recently, social-media influencers, such as Joe Wicks, offering homebodies a constant stream of workouts to enjoy without ever stepping foot outside the front door. But while sweating in the sitting room has always been an option, home workouts have long been perceived as convenient but less effective than actually going to the gym.

That was, until the pandemic hit and the nation was essentially forced to WOFH (work out from home). The fitness industry changed forever – and while people have slowly been making their way back to gyms since they reopened, home workouts aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Of course, this means that more and more of us are now looking for ways to install a home gym and upgrade the equipment we already own – without compromising on the design or style of our homes. Personal Line by Technogym (the brand that have officially supplied Olympic athletes with elite equipment for the last 8 games), designed by renowned Italian designer and architect Antonio Citterio, does exactly that – allowing you to elevate and fully equip any home gym with chic, high-tech and functional pieces.

How to upgrade your at-home gym

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Find a designated area

First things first, where are you going to work out? Do you have a spare room collecting dust? Or an unused garage filled with clutter? What about converting attic space into an open, airy fitness room? Or creating a yoga studio at the bottom of the garden?

A completely separate gym space is preferable but, if space is tight, think about where you could make a designated workout zone. Having to set up your equipment every time you want to exercise could put you off working out altogether, so, ideally, you want a gym setup that doesn’t involve moving furniture.

Update your equipment

If you’re looking to upgrade your skipping rope and resistance bands to a high-tech treadmill, static bike, cross trainer and more, then you can’t go wrong with Technogym’s Personal Line products, which are equipped with luxury fitness and entertainment tech that allows you to choose from personalised training experiences (e.g. trainer-led sessions and outdoor virtual sessions) as well as the ability to watch your favourite TV channels and engage with social media platforms.

Designed as stylish furniture pieces to be placed in the most beautiful spaces of one’s home, you can either create an entire home gym or simply integrate one product within your living room, bedroom or bathroom.


We particularly love the Kinesis Personal – a versatile piece of functional kit, which offers 200 exercises and takes up less than one square metre of space. Designed to enable coordinated movements based on resistance techniques, it features the FullGravity technology patent, consisting of a pivoting pulley system for smooth sliding of the cables as you move. Combined with the glimmering aluminium alloy finish, it’s the ultimate piece of designer gym furniture.

Choose the right lighting


If you’ve got the budget to go all-out, you’ll want to create a space that represents more of a holistic wellbeing space than a dingy basement space. Think lots of natural light and ventilation, with high ceilings, clear glass windows and bright spotlights that can be dimmed.

Mood lighting not enough? Try incorporating a moss wall or hanging indoor plants within your workout space to make it more zen.

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