How to create a boutique hotel-inspired bedroom

Luxury interiors with a personal touch

sofology shoreditch bed
The Shoreditch bed from Sofology

Boutique hotels conjure up images of luxurious furnishings, soothing colour palettes, crisp white sheets and statement beds that you never want to leave.

The trend for recreating this five-star experience at home has become increasingly popular over the past two years, as our bedrooms have become our sanctuaries. So, if you’re looking to add an extra level of luxury and personality to your space this year, here are five ways to get the bespoke boutique look.

1. Start with a soothing colour palette

little greene paint
Little Greene Paint

The first thing you often notice when you’re checking into a luxury hotel room is the sense of calm in the space. This is partly due to the lack of clutter, so it’s always good to make time for some Marie Kondo-style blitzes. But, it’s also down to the colour scheme that will have been carefully selected. One thing to remember when tapping into that boutique hotel aesthetic is not to shy away from colour. Using soft shades such as muted greens, greys, blush pinks or a warm earthy taupe makes a restful and more intimate alternative to white or cream.

2. Add a statement bed

In any hotel room, the bed is undoubtedly the star of the space. So, if you want to recreate this look at home, investing in a quality frame is key. To help you get that five-star finish, Sofology has just launched its first range of handcrafted bed frames, which are designed to stand out.

Tap on your favourite interiors trend to explore our curated edit of the new collection below.

Featuring eye-catching silhouettes, statement headboards and a range of luxurious finishes, from quilted velvet to a rich, woven fabric mix, there’s a style to suit every taste.

3. Luxuriate in layers

the alchemist bed, sofology
The Alchemist bed

The simplest – and most effective – way to create the indulgent feel of a weekend away is to add texture on texture. From deep-pile carpet and soft rugs under foot that you can just sink tired feet into, to wool throws and cushions layered onto a bed or reading chair for curling up in, and thick curtains that help you feel cocooned, every surface should feel indulgent. This is where you can play with print and pattern as well. Contrast sophisticated base neutrals with a bold graphic or bright accent shade.

4. Create mood lighting and scent

bedside lighting

Lighting is key to creating an intimate, relaxing atmosphere, so experiment with creating light and shade. Instead of a bright overhead beam, add softness and character by placing mismatched table lamps around the room, whether it’s on a bedside table or on a bookshelf by your favourite reading spot. You can also place lamps below mirrors to reflect twinkling light around the room, a trick often used in hotel lobbies. Likewise, scent can help to create a wonderfully welcoming ambience, so use a diffuser and oils to create your bespoke relaxation space.

5. Make it personal

the gabrielle bed
The Gabrielle bed

A boutique hotel is all about bespoke finishes. So, put time and effort into choosing each piece in your room, whether that's a beautiful dressing table, a statement light shade, a bijou drinks cabinet, or an ornate mirror. If you want your accessories to complement your choice of bed frame, Sofology also has a range of rugs, tables and lamps to complete your boutique hotel finish, whether you want touches of Art Deco glamour or a more vintage-inspired look.

The new Sofology bed range is available exclusively online - you can shop online or get in touch via the website. You can also view the virtual store to see the beds in situ via a video call

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