How your bathroom can boost your wellbeing

Ensure it’s a space of relaxation and rejuvenation

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Nigel Edwards

Whereas bathrooms were once a space used purely as somewhere to get clean, now, with wellness and mindfulness high on everyone’s agenda, they have become a place where we go to relax and feel rejuvenated, too. With this in mind, the way we decorate our bathrooms can have a huge impact on how we start and end our day, and a carefully planned and thoughtfully designed space can become somewhere to not only cleanse our bodies, but to clear our minds and help balance out the stresses of everyday life.

Be Clever With Colour

The colours you choose to decorate your bathroom will of course have a great effect on the ambience of the overall space. Whereas punchy shades such as yellow or red will definitely give you a boost in the morning, tranquil blues or greens that evoke the sense of a leafy forest or calm ocean will generate a more restful vibe, which in turn helps create an overall feeling of wellness.

Invest in Natural Materials

Surrounding ourselves with natural materials, or even textures and surfaces that mimic those found in nature, is a great way to subliminally boost positive emotions. Richly grained woods, beautifully veined marble (or easy to care for, pocket-friendly porcelain tiles designed to look like marble) and patterns and shapes that replicate natural forms such as leaves, shells or scales are a great way to bring some of those outdoor mood enhancers in. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Topps Tiles have chosen Syren in Midnight Blue as their Tile Of The Year for 2020.

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Add A Round Mirror

Backing up this theory, Pinterest reported a huge increase in users saving images of round mirrors over the last couple of years. Hanging a circular mirror in your bathroom will not only tap into this curvy trend, but also add the illusion of space.

Choose Curvy Ceramics

Studies have shown that humans have more of an affinity with curves than with angular shapes, and this can have a bearing on the kind of furniture we surround ourselves with as well. Therefore, when choosing a basin or a bath consider a round or smooth-edged design in order to help create a relaxed ambience in your bathing space.

Do The Double

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with enough space, a double basin is a wise investment, helping to take the stress out of rushed morning routines. Twin sinks mean two people can get ready at the same time, meaning you’ll both feel less hurried and flustered.

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Plan Smart Storage

With the average UK bathroom measuring a meagre 4.4m2, well-planned storage is an absolute must to help to keep a bathroom clutter free, which in turn evokes a sense of calm. A capacious unit under the basin is an easy way to keep all your bathroom essentials concealed but still directly to hand, or in a smaller bathing space choose a tall, slim cabinet, which will encroach less in to the room. Whatever furniture you choose, avoid storing things in the bathroom that can be kept elsewhere, such as surplus products and extra towels, to maintain the feeling of tranquillity.

Tiles are a great way to add style to your home, and Topps Tiles Tile Of The Year, Syren, ticks all the right style boxes.

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