4 ways to create a modern and timeless bathroom with the VitrA x Tom Dixon Liquid Collection

Update your space with fluid curves and retro fittings

how to create a modern and timeless bathroom
VitrA x Tom Dixon Liquid range

Bathrooms are a major investment in your home, and since they don’t tend to get updated very often — unlike cushions or artworks — keeping them looking fresh can be a challenge. Award-winning designer Tom Dixon is aiming to change that with his first ever bathroom range, Liquid, in collaboration with international bathroom brand VitrA.

Dixon took inspiration from both Victorian bathrooms — which he admires for their sense of permanence — and pop art, citing Jeff Koons and Barbara Hepworth as inspiration. Wanting the range to be ‘contemporary without being of the moment’, he strived for inspirational difference, but classic enough to transcend passing trends and be cherished for years.

The comprehensive collection includes everything from bathroom furniture to wall tiles and accessories, and is designed to work either as a complete new look or incorporating individual statement pieces into an existing space. Here’s how it can help you create a modern yet timeless bathroom.

1. Focus on striking silhouettes

how to create a modern and timeless bathroom
Striking silhouettes are used in this Liquid double washbasin

White fixtures give bathrooms a clean, fresh and eternally welcome feel. Dixon and VitrA chose to use solely white for the Liquid range, utilising it to highlight round, over-scaled shapes and silhouettes.

Every piece in the collection has soft, generous edges that look reassuringly strong and comfortable to use, as well as still looking streamlined — a style Dixon has named ‘expressive minimalism’. The concept makes it easy to create a statement look without overdoing things, simply allowing the bold forms to do the talking, while the rest of the room remains simple.

2. Opt for monochrome magic

how to create a modern and timeless bathroom
Monochrome fittings stand out with the Liquid gloss black brassware

Black and white is one of the most timeless looks you can have in a bathroom. The Liquid range makes this effortless to achieve by teaming pure white ceramics with black gloss-finish taps and showers — an unusual design twist that will make any bathroom feel super-sophisticated. For a crisp, graphic effect, dial up the monochrome theme with the Liquid black metal-mesh cabinets and ripple-effect wall tiles or, for a more relaxed finish, choose taps in chrome and soften your space by adding diluted colour to walls and floors.

3. Enhance your space with coloured surfaces

how to create a modern and timeless bathroom
Sage green wall tiles from the Liquid range enhance space

Using colour in bathrooms is a trend that’s on the rise, but finding a way to explore this while still making the space feel timeless can be tricky. In the Liquid collection, VitrA and Dixon solve this conundrum by adding accent shades — ranging from muted (think ecru and grey) to more vibrant shades (sapphire blue).

Interesting surfaces also come in the form of coloured glass shelves, cabinet doors in fluted glass or black metal mesh, and curvy, illuminated mirrors. Together, these catch the light to create captivating reflections, transforming your bathroom into a sensory experience.

4. Mix and match old with new

how to create a modern and timeless bathroom
Old textures and modern fittings make for an eclectic aesthetic with the VitrA x Tom Dixon Liquid range

Both VitrA and Dixon share a vision for creating innovative, original designs that have long-lasting appeal. It was important to them that the range should work equally well as both an overall look and as individual features that can instantly update your space.

So try adding in statement pieces to your original decor for an eclectic style overhaul or mix and match elements of the collection together. The oval mirror and white ceramic stool make an elegant contrast to the reclaimed marble vanity unit, for example, while the sleek white basins, chunky taps and black cabinets are made even more impactful when juxtaposed with vintage bathroom accessories.

To discover the Liquid range by VitrA and Tom Dixon, visit vitra.co.uk/explore/liquid

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