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How to transform your bedroom into an understated urban jungle

Unsure how to carry off the club tropicana trend in a chic and liveable way? Read on…

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Yves Delorme

Considering that our proximity to nature has long been scientifically proven to increase our general wellbeing, it’s no surprise the interior trend of bringing the outside in is so popular. But why banish botanical beauty, house plants and vibrant green walls just to the kitchen or the conservatory?

Done delicately, your bedroom sanctuary can be the perfect space to showcase some floral designs and leaf print fabrics to transport you to another climate.

Not ready to invest in a palm print statement wall? We don’t blame you. Go for subtle bedroom additions instead. ‘Tropical print cushions and fabrics as a fantastic way to add this on-trend print to a bedroom,’ says interior style advisor Rebecca Snowden from Furniture Choice. ‘And they add texture and dimension.’

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Lucine double duvet cover, £229 and pillowcase, £75. Below: Mousson king size duvet, £299 and pillowcase, £75.
Yves Delorme

Incorporate some lush, tropic-print bedding and cushions from brands like Yves Delorme.

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Yves Delorme

‘In the bedroom specifically, the urban jungle movement can be luxurious and chic with sophisticated and rich colours combined with nature-inspired details,’ says interiors blogger Emma Jane Palin.

While light-filled spaces are the perfect accompaniment to any real plants in the abode, dark colours are the perfect sidekick to the jungle greens that are normally associated with exotic interior accessories such as patterned bedsheets. Mixing materials such as linens, silks and velvet can help to keep the trend long-lasting.

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Yves Delorme

‘From lush foliage to botanical prints, there’s an opportunity to create oasis-like rooms filled with jungle references or a more luxe approach with the subtle use of colour, natural materials and quirky accessories.’

Low maintenance plants like aloe vera are ideal for the bedroom as they survive in both bright and dark locations, and they act as an air purifier, too. Or you can try adding in some trellis plants for extra texture, like this Trouva’s String of Pearls House Plant.

But don’t let the fear of turning your home into a jungle put you off. Claire O’Brien, head of design at British Ceramic Tile, explains how versatile and adaptable the trend is: ‘We all think of it as large scale and bold with assorted shades of green, but it has various guises.’

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Yves Delorme

‘The most popular way to adopt and use this trend in a bedroom setting is with bold cushions (above is Yves Delorme’s Iosis tapestry cushion, £65) or fabulous wallpaper prints used as a visual feature, adding a focal point to a tranquil backdrop. But it can also be used in a calmer way.’

Add some colour and texture to your bedroom by implementing pops of horticulture through accents like this Iosis cushion.

So, how will you style yours?

For all your bedroom needs, head to Yves Delorme for your pick of the most luxe bedding.

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