La DoubleJ launches pop-up at Matches Fashion

Milan-based tastemaker JJ Martin brings her flamboyant pattern-popping lifestyle brand to London

JJ Martin from La Double J
Photograph Trent McMinn

A jaunt to Milan for any fashion lover isn’t complete without popping into La DoubleJ’s pattern-popping showroom in the Navigli district to peruse the brand’s selection of vintage-style womenswear, bedding and tableware. It’s nirvana for anyone who loves a flamboyant silk frock, or a vibrant home, and its founder, tall and willowy, Los Angeles-born JJ Martin just so happens to wear her designs extremely well – think contessa chic.

La Double J Goddess tableware
A selection of Goddess Collection porcelain plates, vases and table linen
Photography Trent McMinn

This week JJ Martin brought an exuberant burst of her joie de vivre to London with a La DoubleJ pop-up at the Matches Fashion townhouse in Mayfair. The fashion crowd flocked on Wednesday evening to get a first glimpse of the Goddess collection of clothing and accessories, which have been conceived to blend ‘the spirituality and optimism of California with the meticulous craftsmanship and boldly sophisticated prints of Italy’.

La Double J vases
‘Colombo’ porcelain tea jars from £275
Photography Trent McMinn

Reimagined Greek goddesses such as Aphrodite and Persephone are the central motifs, depicted in an illustrative swirl of patterns, decoration and flora feature on porcelain dessert plates, supersized vases, velvet cushions and candles. These are joined by geometric tablecloths and napkins, colourful Murano glassware and a wide selection of womenswear.

The La DoubleJ aesthetic is very much in keeping with the current maximalist trend in homeware, pioneered by the likes of fellow Milan-based designer Alessandro Michele with his Gucci Décor collection and, on a smaller scale, Luke Edward Hall here in the UK, who also likes a playful nod to the Greek classics.

La double j cushion
‘Hera’ large embroidered velvet cushion, £310
Photography Trent McMinn

‘Each goddess represents important elements of the female psyche, and women are empowered by learning about each goddess’s strengths and weaknesses,’ says Martin, who was at the launch. ‘What’s beautiful is that as you go through the journey of deepening your connection with yourself, you’ll find that you have connections with different goddesses, and can tap into the powers of each.’ It’s perhaps not a collection for the fainthearted, or evangelical neutralists, but such uplifting patterns and print combos might just be capable of bringing out the inner extrovert goddess in anyone.

Prices for the Goddess Collection start at £100 for scented candles, rising to £300 for velvet cushions and £400 for vases. The exclusive collection is at 5 Carlos Place and online at

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