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Inside our cool and collected September issue

Discover homes with a curated sense of calm, kitchen design ideas and how to shop now

Elle decoration sept cover
Sean Fennessy

Editor’s letter

I’m a casebook Libran. The sign of the zodiac represented by the symbol of a balanced set of scales. Many misinterpret this, thinking that those of us governed by the sign are somewhat superhuman, also level and perfectly poised as we happily wend our way through life. The reality is actually very different. Do your astrological homework and you’ll discover that, rather than being in a state of perfect equilibrium, Librans are in fact in some sense of turmoil, constantly striving for balance that we never feel we find.

Whether you believe in horoscopes or think they’re a load of rubbish, striving for a sense of calm is something we can all identify with. While the number of us suffering from anxiety and stress seems to be uncontrollably on the rise, it’s time for us to address the root causes. As with all things, in my opinion, the best place to start is at home. Ensuring the environment you live in is as comforting and peaceful as possible is one crucial way to create a sense of calm, whereas surrounding yourself with clutter and chaos is bound to make you feel uneasy.

ELLE Decoration cover September 2019
ELLE Decoration cover September 2019
ELLE Decoration UK

So this month, we’ve focused on the ever-important search for mental harmony and wellbeing. The houses we have chosen to represent this may come from all over the world, but they are all imbued with an understated and carefully considered approach to serenity. This can be in the colours used to decorate with, the pieces of furniture selected to sit together, the natural materials decided upon and the way light works in a space. I hope you find each of them as inspiring and relaxing as I do.

During the summer holidays, taking some time to step away from the constant onslaught of work emails and pinging smartphone notifications, I’ve realised that one sure-fire way to relax and find calm is to ditch all things digital – for a few days at least. That doesn’t mean communication has to stop, though, and to celebrate this we’ve brought you our pick of super-stylish stationery – there’s something wonderfully heartwarming about these pieces that don’t buzz, flash or need charging to work. So, turn off, relax and chill out.

ELLE Decoration UK

In this month’s issue you’ll find…

  • Cool and considered homes with a curated sense of calm
  • How to shop now – the future of the high street and why retail therapy still works
  • Kitchen design ideas – inspiration for the heart of your home
  • Ditch digital for some seriously stylish stationery
  • Plus, meet America’s most influential designer

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