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Introducing 2020 with our February issue, out now

Discover the names, the looks and places to know in the new year…

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Jessica Antola

From the editor…

Sat at my desk, I’m writing this missive the day before the UK heads to the polls for our third general election in five years. As such, I’m rather preoccupied with the idea of uncertainty and the apparent unending cycle of change in this country…

To my mind, change is a good thing and the opportunity to reassess and refresh is fitting at this early point in the year after all. Yes, it may be dark and dismal outside, but the eternal optimists among us can’t help but be buoyed up by the hint of hope and positive transformation no matter how distant they may seem.

Without getting all new age about it, in 2020, the focus for the interiors industry, and ourselves as individuals, has to be about doing things consciously and in a more considered manner. From the way things are made and how we behave to what we buy, in the modern age everything has to be better thought through. It’s no wonder that the themes of provenance, materiality and sustainability came up repeatedly when we were compiling this issue.

ELLE Decoration February 2020 cover
Jessica Antola

As well as this move to a more mindful existence, I also feel now is the time to approach everything about where you live with punch and passion. There’s no point doing things by halves. The homes this month were chosen to encourage you to embrace your individuality and taste, and stand solidly by your decorating decisions. So, whether that’s a riot of bold colour, wildly clashing patterns or, at the other end of the spectrum, a subtle array of neutrals, you do you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We seem to be living through a time where negativity and hate is suddenly inexplicably justified. Whatever you may hear, it’s not. So, let’s push forward into the new year with an upbeat approach. Seek out joy, colour, life – and love your home and all it means to you and those around you. Above all, live with consideration and care.

ELLE Decoration UK

In this month’s issue you’ll find…

  • Introducing 2020 – the names, the looks and the places to know
  • 48 key pieces: our edit of the newest furniture and lighting
  • Homegrown manufacturers making their mark
  • How natural materials are redefining luxury
  • Step inside homes that embrace colour and calm

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