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Unleash the power of pattern with our October issue

Full of bold, bright and colourful decorating ideas to lift your spirits

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Matthieu Salvaing

I’ve been trying to avoid the news for a while now. Newspapers, TV channels, those pesky pinging alerts on your phone announcing another surge in Covid cases… It’s all rather depressing and confusing. I mean, I’m not being totally head-in-the-sand about the current situation – I’m staying informed – but it’s far too easy to be consumed by the media’s constant fearmongering and end up in a spiral of anxiety and anguish.

Instead, I’m going out of my way to find reasons to be cheerful. Everything from a bright blue sky to a crisp glass of rosé, meeting friends who matter after months apart, the pandemic’s heart-warming stories of survival, and side-splitting laughter brought on by watching endless episodes of Schitt’s Creek and classic French and Saunders re-runs. Anything that sparks joy is worth clinging onto.

I’ve spoken often about the positive effects of change, and in a world that seems increasingly chaotic, one place we can retain some level of control is within our homes. So, my action call to everyone right now is decorate! Decorate with unbridled abandon, decorate as if there’s nothing else to do in the world.

Honestly, there are few activities more pleasure inducing than getting slap-happy with a pot of paint and a brush, carefully lining up lengths of wallpaper or welcoming a colourful parade of new materials into your space. To help you, this issue features our seasonal decorating celebration, including more than 100 new fabrics and wallcoverings. They’re all you need to truly embrace colour, pattern and print.

This month, we’re not only focused on lifting the spirits. As mentioned in one of my letters recently, raising up the profiles and voices of those under-represented in interiors is imperative. As a starting point, we are highlighting the important initiatives championing diversity in the design industry and exploring the work of a wealth of BAME creatives who should be on everyone’s radar. It’s vital that we improve access and attract new talent from wider backgrounds, to enable all of us to enjoy the positive benefits of great design at home and beyond.

ELLE Decoration UK

In this month’s issue you’ll find…

  • Bold, bright and colourful decorating ides to lift your spirits
  • 108 new fabrics and wallcoverings to transform any room
  • Homes that dare to be different, from London to Hamburg and beyond
  • Make a change – meet the people bringing diversity to the design world now
  • Why now is the time to discover the art of pottering
  • Our guide to the UK’s most creative city, plus rural restaurants serving design

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