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Make merry with the festive ideas in our December issue

Christmas isn’t cancelled! It can still be full of comfort and joy. Find out how to celebrate this most unusual of festive seasons in style…

elle decoration december 2020 cover house in copenhagen
Birgitta Wolfgang Bjørnvad/Sisters Agency

After a year like no other, we’re all facing a Christmas that bears little resemblance to those that have gone before.

In spite of there being fewer parties and far less certainty, it doesn’t automatically follow that the festive season will be less fun. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we have to be resilient, to learn to adapt and revise plans as the world around us changes.

Normally, this is when we all put ourselves under ridiculous pressure to have the best time ever: the biggest tree, the most extravagant presents, the most popular event… My wish this year is that we give ourselves, and each other, a bit of a break.

Rather than getting hung up on what we have less of, focus on the ‘more’. Try and be more considerate, more forgiving and tolerant.

Inclusivity is key. In the past, the holidays may have driven us all to be rather too judgey and opinionated. Hands up, we’ve been guilty of that here at this magazine, too, vociferously telling you the right or wrong way to decorate your home or celebrate the festivities. But, this year ELLE Decoration is giving you free rein to do whatever the hell you like.

elle decoration december 2020 cover
ELLE Decoration

If you want to fill rooms with twinkly lights and lametta-festooned trees, you go for it. Or follow the lead of Danish interior designer Oliver Gustav and embrace a moodier, more minimalist vibe –that’s equally valid. Maybe you don’t even celebrate Christmas at all. Why should you be left out?

The team has packed this issue full of ideas and inspiration to suit whatever you are planning. You’ll find a cracking gift guide, plus advice on how to wrap it all up, and an exhaustive exploration of the best new lighting. There are gorgeous homes from around the globe, some festive, some not. We’re acknowledging that this time of year is intensely personal and filled with emotion.

Above all, Christmas 2020 will be about remembering those we have lost, celebrating those we love, in whatever way we can, and hopefully looking towards more positive times ahead.

During this turbulence I keep coming back to a quote from artist Vincent Van Gogh, which I have scrawled on a card on my desk: ‘I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.’ Surrounded by stars at this time of year, whether they’re shining bright or not, let’s all remember to keep on dreaming.

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In this month’s issue you’ll find…

  • 55 gift ideas for design devotees
  • Our essential guide to celebrating the season
  • The best baubles, cards, wrapping, candles, garlands and wreaths
  • How to commission bespoke furniture to treasure forever
  • The latest lighting trends to brighten up your home
  • Stylish homes from around the world

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