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elle decoration october 2021 cover
ELLE Decoration UK

I worry these letters have become rather negative of late. Then again the world has been quite a negative place for a while now and it’s hard not to reflect that. Although, I can definitely feel a sense of positivity in the air, some colour creeping back into the greyness that many of our lives have become over these past couple of years.

This optimism is directly influenced by what’s going on around us – quite literally in fact – as nowhere is it more apparent than in the world of decorating. How we choose to adorn the very structure of our homes: the shades we daub on our walls, the fabrics we hang at our windows, the tiles on our floors – all these reflect the mood of the moment and our own personalities, too. The perfect marriage of the world outside and the world within.

elle decoration october 2021 cover
ELLE Decoration UK

Recently, I was lucky enough to take one of my first post-pandemic trips away from home to stay at Trematon Castle. This stately pile, just inside the Cornish border, has been taken over by the creative minds behind British brand House of Hackney, well-known for its original fabrics and wallpapers, which have been put to eye-poppingly good use throughout this former outpost of the landed gentry. Walls, ceilings, carpets, windows – all are transformed with riotous patterns and energetic colours on an ambitiously grand scale. It’s a lesson in how to decorate well and with confidence. You can find out more about this exciting new chapter in the brand’s 10-year history in next month’s issue.

The trip came at an opportune moment, seeing as I was in the process of planning our annual autumn decorating special, which you now hold in your hands. House of Hackney’s exuberant approach fired me up to throw everything at our 50-page Style section dedicated to ‘The new look’, where we give equal weighting to fabric, wallpaper and paint. Filled with gorgeous shoots, expert tips, and inspiring ideas, it will hopefully give you creative licence to confidently tackle the projects you’ve been dreaming of.

Excitement and positivity come in other forms, too. After months (years in some cases) of waiting, September sees the return of physical design shows and fairs. From Milan to London and beyond, this issue’s preview brings you the highlights – daring design launches and the most interesting stories and events not to be missed. Team Deco will be out, scouring the showrooms and stands, seeing pieces and people in the flesh for the first time in ages.

Whether it’s touching a sofa, fabric or wallpaper or even a loved one, tactility is now more important than ever. Holding something, feeling it with your fingertips, has really been missed and the chance to do so again has definitely improved my mood.

ELLE Decoration UK

In this month’s issue you’ll find…

  • 88 of the best wallpaper, paints and fabrics for your home
  • Daring decorating ideas from Milan to Melbourne
  • Our pick of pieces to covet from the upcoming design fairs and festival
  • Innovative modern makers and artisans
  • Decadent drinking dens across the UK
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