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The design world is feeling positive. Get onboard with a look at the upcoming trends, all-star collaborations and more

elle decoration february 2022 cover
Helenio Barbetta/Living Inside

Hard as it may be, I’m trying my best to forget the recurring Groundhog Day-like grimness of new variants, incompetent politicians and looming lockdowns for a much-needed dose of new-year positivity.

In spite of everything, there is still a renewed sense of optimism in the air, and that’s what we’ve tried to harness for this, our first issue of 2022.

More needed than ever, this focus on a bright new future has kept myself and the team going these past few months, and I hope our predictions for what is to come will propel you through the wintery weeks ahead.

elle decoration february 2022 cover
ELLE Decoration

Undoubtedly driven by the fact that working together became so difficult during the pandemic, throughout the design industry and the wider world, there is now an explosion of creative collaborations taking place. The importance of great minds from different disciplines coming together to produce powerful work cannot be underestimated and is leading to some truly innovative and exciting projects.

Internationally, we have homed in on the efforts of French fashion house Dior, which has collaborated with a slew of big-name designers to rethink the humble chair with stunning results. Here in the UK, the rise of specially created local makers’ hubs with a real sense of unity and purpose is revolutionising the way the creative community is working in a more united way. Columnist Eva Wiseman even reveals how adopting a collaborative approach can shape the way we decorate our homes.

Speaking of which, boldness and bravery are definitely key when it comes to how the places we live will look in 2022. Colour is crucial. To my mind, our vibrant ‘Adjust the contrast’ shoot perfectly sums up the ELLE Decoration aesthetic, confidently mixing shades and textures, contemporary and classic pieces in a thoroughly fresh way.

We also highlight the punchy Milanese abode of one of the design world’s most charismatic characters, gallerist Nina Yashar, who advises that we all focus on following our instincts to avoid failure.

While times continue to be tough, there are brighter days to come, and I can think of no better mantra when it comes to the year ahead…

ELLE Decoration UK

In this month’s issue you will find…

  • The bright colours and brighter ideas shaping design in 2022
  • How to create a cosy sanctuary in your home
  • All-star collaborations by design’s biggest names
  • Inside the UK’s ambitious new creative hubs
  • The best destinations to visit by train

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