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elle decoration may 2022 cover
Stephan Julliard

One of the many things I love about working at ELLE Decoration is the global network we’re a part of. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a strong and vibrant family of 25 editions across the world. From India to America, we represent the tastes, living spaces and lifestyles of practically the entire planet.

As part of my role, I often interact with the editors-in-chief of our sister titles and, during the pandemic, I’ve sorely missed the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with them, to discuss what home means in our respective countries.

Sonia Zabouga is one of this talented troupe, the editor-in-chief of ELLE Decoration Ukraine, who I first met four years ago at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Softly spoken, yet strong, statuesque and supremely stylish, she represents the brand, her readers and the creative community in her country with authoritative aplomb.

elle decoration may 2022 cover
ELLE Decoration UK

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Sonia’s life and that of her compatriots bears no resemblance to what it was even six weeks ago. Home for them is no longer somewhere to decorate or fill with designer furniture. It’s shelter, a fragile sanctuary and, heartbreakingly for so, so many, somewhere you’re forced to leave if you want to stay alive.

I’m writing this letter on the morning of 23 March and messaging with Sonia, who remains in Kyiv, in a basement, trying to focus on anything she can to distract herself from the horror unfolding on her doorstep. ‘The shock and fear I feel are mixed with an incredible sense of patriotism and unity,’ she says to me over Instagram. ‘The Ukrainian nation has rallied and is doing everything possible, even what we thought was impossible, to resist this Russian aggression.’

This issue heralds the arrival of spring. We’ve tried to fill the pages with as much positivity as possible under the circumstances, but in the face of such barbarity all we can really do is hope. Hope that sense will eventually prevail, hope that peace will return and hope that the millions of displaced Ukrainians will be able to go home.

ELLE Decoration UK
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