The all-new September issue is here, and it’s bringing sexy back!

The redesigned ELLE Decoration is better than ever – with exclusive looks inside top creatives’ showrooms and a trend-led guide to your next kitchen update

elle decoration september 2022 cover featuring the medusa sofa by versace

While the world has seemingly been enjoying a summer filled with spritzes and sunshine, here at ELLE Decoration headquarters we’ve been embracing the phrase ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and working hard to refresh and revitalise the look and feel of the magazine.

It’s been five years since I took over as Editor-in-Chief, so now felt like the right time to instigate what I’ve been affectionately referring to as ‘a touch of Botox, rather than a full facelift’. I like this sentiment. We didn’t want to do anything too radical – after all, why mess with a formula as successful and well-loved as ELLE Decoration? – but subtle tweaks and the odd tightening here and there felt like the ideal way to reinforce the brand’s relevance and our forward-thinking, future-focused approach.

elle decoration september 2022 cover featuring the medusa sofa by versace

So, on these pages, you’ll find a renewed commitment to what we do best: decoration, design, stunning spaces, and invigorating inspiration for your own projects. Plus people, lots of people… Interiors magazines can be devoid of life but, to me, homes are nothing without those who create and inhabit them. Our world is not just hard surfaces and empty voids. It’s full of incredible, exciting individuals and teams, and we want to celebrate that.

ELLE Decoration Sep 22
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This is also the perfect opportunity for us to set out our vision for where we see the magazine and the industry heading. To my mind, much of contemporary interiors has been overly occupied with ideas of ‘retro’ for far too long: the 70s revival, closely followed by the 80s, then the 90s, the never-ending obsession with mid-century – all totally valid, of course, but so done.

Now is the time for something fresh, something different; a new kind of futurism, if you will. So, in this issue, you’ll discover why sexiness is the latest driving force. When it comes to interiors, this new direction feels thrilling, dangerous and makes you catch your breath.

Before I sign off, I need to point out that, as ever, I’m indebted to the energetic attitude of my crack team and our contributors, who’ve come up with creative content and introduced new fonts, a revised structure and a hit of pumping modernity, too, all while still staying true to the brand’s DNA. They achieve so much and tirelessly put up with my exacting demands and endless changes, my moods and my moments. I am forever grateful and proud.

I hope you like this new look as much as we do. As ever, I’m keen to hear your feedback, so do let me know your thoughts on this issue and suggestions for where we should take ELLE Decoration in the months and years to come…

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