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44 of the best gadgets for a smarter home

Our pick of the latest state-of-the-art technology for your home, from air purifiers to artful televisions, speakers and more

bowers and wilkins zeppelin speaker
Bowers + Wilkins

Make every part of your life easier with technology. Whether you want a fully-fledged smart home – with connected music, lighting and more – a gadget update for your home office, or are just looking for the best of the best when it comes to TV picture quality, we have the gadgets that will make your pad the envy of the neighbours.

There’s even tech that will improve your health, from fitness devices to air purifiers. Start your home upgrade now…

1 ‘Sky Glass’ television, Sky
sky glass television

The new Sky ‘Glass’ is more than a colour TV. It’s a colourful TV – available in five shades (white, pink, green, blue and black) – that requires no box or dish. That means all channels are available to watch and record over wifi thanks to revolutionary Sky Inside tech. Designed by Map Project Office in collaboration with Sky’s in-house team, it’s the world’s first carbon-neutral television. Plus, with Dolby Atmos speakers built in (avoiding the need for a soundbar) and a Quantum Dot screen, there are no compromises when it comes to sound and vision. This glass really is half full. From £649, or available with a subscription, from £13 a month, sky.com/glass

2 ‘Ray-Ban Stories’ glasses, Ray-Ban
rayban stories video glasses

Glasses with built-in cameras are not an entirely new concept. But ones that people would actually be happy to wear? That’s new. Available in classic Ray-Ban styles – including the iconic ‘Wayfarer’ – the ‘Stories’ shades, created in collaboration with Meta, allow you to do more than just take five-megapixel pictures and record videos. They also play music and receive phone calls, with voice command or touch control. From £299, sunglasshut.com

3 ‘SwatchPAY!’ watch, Swatch
swatchpay watch

Contactless payment is the new normal (who carries cash anymore?) and Swatch is offering a new, reliable and stylish way to pay. Eighteen of its watch designs have been fitted with ‘SwatchPAY!’– a tiny payment chip certified by Mastercard and Visa. There’s no need to charge Swatch devices, your personal details aren’t stored on your wrist, and all of the models are water-resistant up to 30 metres. From £66, swatch.com

4 ‘Echo Show’ family organisation tablet, Amazon
amazon echo show

With a 15.6-inch colour display, this supersized version of Amazon’s ‘Echo Show’ is intended to work as your family’s interactive noticeboard. Sync calendars, set reminders, or add ingredients to your digital shopping list. You can also make video calls, watch shows from your favourite streaming services or listen to your top podcasts as you go about your chores. It’s the heart of any smart home. £239.99, amazon.co.uk

5 ‘Studio3’ wireless headphones, Beats by Dre
studio3 headphones by beats by dre
Beats by Dre

Designer Samuel Ross (pictured), the brains behind menswear label A-Cold-Wall*, was inspired by brutalist architecture when creating his limited-edition ‘Studio3’ wireless headphones for Beats by Dre. The cement-look finish symbolises the walls society puts up around us, and how music can inspire us to topple them. With 40 hours of listening time and fine-tuned acoustics, that’s a lot of inspiration. £299.95, beatsbydre.com

6 ‘Zeppelin’ speaker, Bowers & Wilkins
bowers and wilkins zeppelin speaker
Bowers + Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins’s ‘Zeppelin’ speaker is an icon of the digital-music age. Launched in 2007 as an iPod dock that valued design as well as sound quality, it won a legion of fans. Updates in 2011 and 2015 saw it tweaked as technology evolved, but this latest iteration is the most future-proofed yet. Now wireless, it offers streaming via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, as well as through B&W’s own app. Plus, Alexa voice controls have also been invited to the party. £699, bowerswilkins.com

7 ‘Cosmo’ electric guitar, Verso
cosmo guitar by verso

Anyone who has ever proudly displayed their guitar knows that they are not just musical instruments, but sculptural works of art. Rarely has that been truer than with the ‘Cosmo’ by Verso. Crafted in Germany, its body is made of a single sheet of powder-coated metal – available in seven RAL colours – with a head carved from sustainably sourced wood. Innovatively, the pickup, attached via magnets, can be moved to suit your playing style. Sliding it towards the bass or treble strings will amplify them, or remove it completely for a distant, dreamy sound. The creative possibilities are as exciting as the design. From about £1,700, versoinstruments.com

8 Sleep aid, Morphée
morphee sleep aid
Marta Puglia

Sleep apps can be a great aid to getting your eight hours, but having your phone close by can be counterintuitive. The ‘Morphée’ is an offline alternative. Like an alethiometer for insomniacs, it has three cogs: one you wind to choose one of seven methods of sleep treatment – from breathing exercises to visualisations – another to select one of eight sessions for each treatment, and the last to set the duration. Then, simply close your eyes and listen. £79.95, morphee.co

9 ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition’, Samsung
samsung galaxy z flip bespoke smartphone

For those who remember the clamshell phones of yore, Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Z Flip3’ is a nostalgic treat. But it’s much more than that. Folded, it fits in the smallest of pockets, but open it up and you’re treated to a full 6.7 inch screen – no compromises. There’s a 12 megapixel camera on the back, plus a front-facing selfie cam that works even when folded. Plus, with the new ‘Bespoke Edition’ you can customise it to your style. There are five mix-and-match colour options for the front and back, plus a choice of frames – that’s 49 unique combinations. From £1,049, samsung.com/uk

10 ‘Rise’ laptop stand, Native Union
rise laptop stand by native union
Native Union

Anyone who developed a home-working hunch during the past years will appreciate the transformative powers of a good laptop stand. It not only improves your posture, but also your laptop’s performance by preventing overheating. The ‘Rise’ by Native Union attaches to the back of your Apple MacBook and transforms, via strong origami-like folds, into an elegant prop in moments. £24.99, nativeunion.com

11 ‘Symfonisk’ wall speaker, Ikea
symfonisk wall speaker by ikea

Ikea and audio experts Sonos have been playing an advanced game of hide-and-seek with us in recent years, sneaking high-quality speakers into the most unlikely places. There was the ‘Symfonisk’ table lamp and a version that mimicked a book on your shelf, but the latest disguise is a work of art. Displaying a canvas in black or white (pictured) by Jennifer Idrizi, who was inspired by ‘how you visualise sound’, the ‘Symfonisk’ picture frame is just 6cm deep yet delivers a masterpiece of a musical experience. £179, ikea.com

12 ‘Lumisonic’ light and speaker, Zuma
zuma light and speaker

Smart homes can also be very cluttered homes – all those devices and trailing cables add up. Morten Warren, founder of Zuma, has taken a cleaner, calmer approach. The Zuma ‘Lumisonic’ is a wi-fi-connected LED light and a powerful multi-room speaker that fits seamlessly and discreetly into your ceiling. Expect illumination that can mimic natural sunlight and an enveloping canopy of sound. Plus, unlike many other built-in solutions, this one is quick to install and the system can be added to over time. Controlled by the Zuma app or Alexa voice control, it’s the minimalists’ home upgrade. £375 each, zuma.ai

13 Ear (1) earphones, Nothing
nothing ear 1 headphones

New London-based brand Nothing has released the first product in its mission to eliminate the barriers between people and tech: ‘(Ear)1’ wireless earphones. With a focus on doing things differently but simply, the earbuds and case are transparent – or ‘naked’ as founder Carl Pei calls them. Crystal-clear, with active noise cancelling, they were tuned by audio experts at Teenage Engineering and at 4.7g weigh almost nothing, too. £99, nothing.tech

14 ’OLED R’ television, LG
lg oled r tv

Over the years there have been many attempts by tech experts and interior designers to disguise TVs, whether it be by turning them into works of art or building them into cabinets. Until now, though, nobody has been able to make them disappear. LG’s new ‘OLED R’ does just that. Thanks to self-lit pixels that don’t require a backlight, this screen is so thin it can be rolled up, retreating into a discreet box, which also houses a soundbar. Set it to one of three modes – ‘Full’ for normal viewing, ‘Line’ mode, which displays your dashboard (clock, photo slideshow, music controls, etc) or ‘Zero’, a full vanishing act. Innovations this new come with a hefty price tag... £99,999, lg.com

15 Extension cable, Watt-Watt
watt watt extension cable
Watt Watt

Extension cables are one of life’s necessities, but who dictated that they had to be so dull? British brand Watt-Watt is adding some colour to the sea of white plastic options out there. Made from braided fabric and available in limited-edition runs of on-trend shades, they are cables you won’t feel the need to hide behind the sofa. It’s power, reclaimed. From £36, watt-watt.com

16 ‘B10 Health Blender’, Beast health
b10 health blender by beast health
Beast Health

Perfectly mix power and design and the result is the new ‘B10 Health Blender’. Created by Colin Sapire – the founder of the NutriBullet – this launch from new brand Beast Health has all the sturdy, whole-fruit-and-veg-destroying abilities you would expect, but also looks stylish. Plus, the vessel transforms into a take-anywhere bottle. Available autumn, thebeast.com/pages/global

17 ‘Light Speaker’, Transparent
light speaker by transparent

Transparent’s ‘Light Speaker’ offers both lantern-like illumination and Bluetooth-connected, clear audio. Designed to emulate the feel of sitting around a campfire, it can recreate flickering candlelight and the subtle glow of embers, or be a strong reading lamp. £290, transpa.rent

18 Interactive fitness mirror, VAHA
vaha fitness mirror

Want to get those health gains without losing space in your living room? Unlike other at-home training devices with live and on-demand virtual classes, the interactive fitness mirror by VAHA blends into your interior, its gym abilities invisible until you want to get physical. Choose between cardio, strength, yoga, pilates and even barre for a workout that’s tailored to you. From £1,150, plus £39 monthly subscription, uk.vaha.com

19 ‘OneStep Close-Up 600’ instant camera, Polaroid
onestep closeup 600 instant camera by polaroid
Polaroid X Fendi

The Polaroid camera is almost synonymous with instant snaps in popular culture – although whatever, Outkast say, it is not advised to shake your pictures. Now, that classic is being given a high-fashion makeover, decorated with a colourful reimagining of Fendi’s FF Vertigo logo. £690, uk.polaroid.com

20 ‘Roam’ portable speaker, Sonos
sonos roam portable speaker

As at home on a shelf as it is on the beach or up a mountain, the new ‘Roam’ is the lightest speaker (under 1lb) Sonos has ever made. Ready for anything, it’s waterproof and rugged enough to survive drops, dust and more for up to 10 hours of playtime, but it’s the smarts inside that set it apart. It knows when you’re indoors, linking to your wi-fi, and once you step outside of reach it automatically switches to Bluetooth, using its ‘Trueplay’ tech to tune the sound to your surroundings. £159, sonos.com

21 ‘Nothing Else’ homeware, Boem Studio
nothing else 3d printable homeware by boem studio
Boem Studio

3D printing’s appeal has remained niche, despite the possibilities it opens up. That’s something Boem Studio is striving to change. It sells designs for useful homeware – think lampshades, watering cans, vases and more – that can be bought, downloaded and used to print stylish pieces at home. Granted, you will need a 3D printer and the materials, but with Boem Studio’s minimalist ‘Nothing Else’ range to explore, there’s never been better reason to invest. Digital designs from approx £0.72, boem.store

22 ‘Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde’ air-purifying fan heater, Dyson
pure hot  cool formaldehyde airpurifying fan heater by dyson

We all know the health benefits of cleaner air and the damage VOCs (volatile organic compounds), microscopic particles and traffic fumescan cause, but what about formaldehyde? Found in newly manufactured wooden flooring and furniture, as well as in some paints and lacquers, this chemical is difficult to combat, but Dyson has found a way.Its new ‘Pure Hot+Cool Formaldehyde’ air-purifying fan heater has an extra filter for this task. Plus, it heats and cools rooms 20 per cent more quietly than its predecessor. £599, dyson.co.uk

23 ’Instax Mini 40’ camera, Fujifilm
fujifilm instax mini 40 camera

Pics on your phone are great, but what about ones you can stick on the fridge or pin to a moodboard? For that you need an instant-print camera – and we don’t mean one that looks like a plastic toy. The Fujifilm ‘Instax Mini 40’ offers timeless looks as well as auto-exposure and an easy selfie mode – it’s old-school and new cool. £89.99, fujifilm.eu/uk

24 ‘LX’ turntable, La Boite Concept
lx turntable and speaker by la boite concept
La Boite Concept

This year, record sales are expected to overtake CDs for the first time. And for those growing LP collections, there are few more stylish pieces of kit than the ‘LX’ by La Boite Concept. A turntable, loudspeaker and storage unit all in one, it comes in walnut (pictured) or oak and delivers concert-standard sound. £3,420, laboiteconcept.com

25 ‘iMac’, Apple
apple imac

The Apple iMac has had a makeover. Slimmer than ever before at just 11.5mm – all thanks to a brand-new M1 chip that is small but powerful, enabling 85 per cent faster performance than the previous model – and available in seven colours. Its 24-inch screen is incredibly sharp, too. From £1,249, apple.com/uk

26 ‘The Frame’ television, Samsung
samsung frame tv
Graham Aktins-Hughes

Samsung’s TV that transforms into a picture frame is favoured by people who don’t want their television to be the centrepiece of their living room. And now, ‘The Frame’ has become even more appealing for the aesthetically minded, with 40 new bezel colours. Hand-picked by Kate Watson-Smyth, the creative behind interiors blog Mad About The House, the soft pastels and neutrals – such as ‘Forest Brown’ (pictured) – will blend seamlessly into any home. TV, from £399; new bezels from £79 each, theframebezel.com

27 ‘Aeklys’ smart ring, iCare Technologies
aeklys smart ring by philipe starck

Prolific French designer Philippe Starck is making wearable tech smaller and more personal. The ‘Aeklys’ smart ring by iCare Technologies can make bank payments, act as a travel card and unique business card, with more uses to follow soon. It never needs to be charged and is serious about data, with GDPR compliant privacy, plus anti-theft and anti-fraud software. £249, icaretechnologies.com

28 ‘AirPod Max’ headphones, Apple
airpod max headphones by apple

Apple’s ‘AirPods’ have become something of a status symbol, but how many of those little wireless buds have been lost in the pursuit of on-the-go audio? The latest addition to the family, the ‘AirPod Max’, should be more difficult to misplace. The headphones, which come in five colours, offer all the easy connectivity of their smaller sibling, but with immersive, theatre-like sound. £549, apple.com/uk

29 ‘Beosound Level’ portable speaker, Bang & Olufsen
level speaker by bang  olufsen
Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Beosound Level’ is a smart wi-fi-connected speaker that can adapt to any situation. Sit it upright to focus its acoustic energy at the listener, lie it flat and it expands its reach, delivering party-grade sound to the room, or hang it on the wall for an enveloping sonic experience. Replaceable batteries and interchangeable fabric or oak covers make it easily upgradeable and sustainable. From £1,099, bang-olufsen.com

30 ‘Bike+’ exercise bike, Peloton
bike exercise home gym peloton

Missing the buzz of gym classes? With the ‘Bike+’ by Peloton you can get the same motivation at home, with live virtual sessions in not just spin, but strength and yoga, too – rotate the touchscreen to get a good view from the floor as well as the saddle. Plus, with the new ‘Auto Follow’ feature the bike will adjust resistance based on your instructor’s cues, so you can focus on keeping up! From £2,295, plus £39 per month membership, onepeloton.co.uk

31 ‘Pantheone I’ speaker, Pantheone Audio
pantheone i speaker by pantheone audio
Pantheone Audio

The elegant void at the centre of the ‘Pantheone I’ speaker by Pantheone Audio finds inspiration in the architecture of Rome’s ancient Pantheon, with its oculus that opens to the sky. This sculptural homage doesn’t just highlight the design’s sleek curves, but also improves the quality of the lossless audio (sound in its purest form) that it produces. Plus, with Alexa functionality built-in, it’s ready for the future as well as being influenced by the past. £2,399, pantheoneaudio.com

32 ‘Beogram 4000c’ turntable, Bang & Olufsen
bang  olufsen ‘beogram 4000c’ refurbished turntable
Bang & Olufsen

Ninety five pre-owned original models of this turntable – one donated by hand from an elderly collector – have been carefully restored in the Struer factory, where they were first made almost 50 years ago. The aluminium has been anodised to produce a warmer tone and a pre-amplifier has been added, so this enduring party starter can be connected to modern speakers. £9,000, bang-olufsen.com

33 ‘Reflection’ suitcase, Rimowa x Moncler
rimowa x moncler ‘reflection’ suitcase
Rinowa X Moncler

The world is still out there, ready to be explored. Prepare for future trips with the Rimowa x Moncler ‘Reflection’ suitcase. Featuring a mirrored aluminium surface and ticker-tape-style LED display that can broadcast a message of your choosing – change it to suit your mood – this is statement luggage for the next era of travel. £2,780, rimowa.com

34 ‘Shapes’ connected wall lights, Nanoleaf
nanoleaf shapes connected lighting

Build a wall of statement lighting with Nanoleaf’s new ‘Triangles’, from its ‘Shapes’ collection. Joining the existing ‘Hexagon’ version and available in two sizes, the latest additions allow you to switch between 16 million colour combinations using touch, voice (via Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit) or the app. There’s even a built-in rhythm module to produce light shows that match the beat of your tunes. From £199.99 for five panels, nanoleaf.me

35 ‘Flow’ headphones, Iris
iris flow headphones

For music fans, this year’s closure of live venues has been tough. Tech brand Iris offers some solace, though. Its patented software, which features in the new wireless ‘Flow’ headphones, promises to restore the audio quality lost during the recording process, for an experience that’s as close to being there as possible. It has the support of Queen drummer Sir Roger Taylor. £379, irislistenwell.com

36 ‘R3’ stereo system, Ruark
ruark r3 speaker

British brand Ruark’s ‘R3’ music system nods to the classic lines of mid-century design and its features are just as timeless in their appeal. There’s class-leading audio quality, as well as a smart radio tuner and CD player (not everyone has ditched their collections, after all). It’s also firmly future facing, with Bluetooth, wi-fi streaming with Spotify Connect and support for Amazon Music, Tidal and Deezer. £629, ruarkaudio.com

37 ‘Acoustic Sculpture’ speaker, Transparent
acoustic sculpture speaker by transparent sound
Aril Wretblad

Inspired by the shape of the human ear, as well as the curves of sea shells, Swedish brand Transparent Sound’s ‘Acoustic Sculpture’ is functional art. Its structure, crafted from jesmonite, is the brainchild of designer and company co-founder Per Brickstad, who chose a shape that would best amplify its sound. His ethos is to create speakers that are also interior design objects. A limited run, this is one for the collectors. £2,705, transparentspeaker.com

38 ‘Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock’, Joy Resolve
barisieur immersion edition coffee maker and alarm clock by joy resolve
Daniel Oakes/Joy Resolve

‘I wanted to create a routine for mornings that was better than being woken by a blaring phone alarm,’ says Joy Resolve founder Josh Renouf. The result is the ‘Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock’ and the new ‘Barisieur Immersion Edition’ for tea lovers. Both ensure you start your morning the right way, with the smell of fresh brewing caffeine. £345, joyresolve.com

39 ‘Arc’ soundbar, Sonos
sonos arc soundbar for smart homes

We all know the benefits of having a TV with the very best picture quality, but sound is just as important. The new ‘Arc’ soundbar by Sonos offers cinema-quality audio in your living room, using Dolby’s ‘Atmos’ technology to create a 3D listening experience. Available in black or white, its slimline design means it can sit discreetly on the wall or in front of your television. Plus, with built-in voice control, it also acts as a smart speaker, streaming music, podcasts and more. £799, sonos.com

40 ‘Alis’ wireless lights, Potemine
alis wireless light by potemine

We live in a wireless age, so why do lights still need to be plugged in? The ‘Alis’ by Italian start-up Potemine is completely untethered, able to function as a portable lantern as well as a floor, desk or wall lamp, using accessories that double as USB chargers. Touch and voice control (it’s compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home), plus a dedicated app, means no unsightly dimmers or switches, just seamless design. Available to pre-order, from around £450, potemine.com

41 ‘OD-11’ speaker, Teenage Engineering
OD-11 speaker by Teenage Engineering is a speaker with a minimalist look
Teenage Engineering

In 1974, Swedish sound pioneer Stig Carlsson created the ‘OD-11’, a small speaker with outstanding sound quality. Today, the design, aka the ‘Carlsson Cube’, has been updated by Teenage Engineering for a new breed of audio fans, its simple wireless style speaking volumes. From £699 teenage.engineering

42 ‘Beovision Harmony’ television, Bang & Olufsen
Bang & Olufsen’s Beovision Harmonytelevision
Bang & Olufsen

Offering more than just a pristine picture, Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Beovision Harmony’ television conceals much of its 77-in OLED display behind its elegant oak and aluminium sound system, but switch it on and the speakers gracefully fan out – like a butterfly opening its wings – as the cinematic screen rises to the perfect viewing height. £20,000 bang-olufsen.com

43 ‘Catch:2’ wireless charging pad, Courant
Courant Catch:2 wireless charging pad for iPhone and Android devices

Avoid low battery anxiety with Brooklyn-based brand Courant’s ‘Catch:2’ wireless charging pad. The device is so stylish – now available in ‘Dusty Rose’ (above) and ‘Pacific Blue’ – you’ll want one on your desk, your bedside table, in your kitchen… everywhere. Boosting battery life is as easy as placing a smartphone (Qi-enabled) on its Italian leather surface. £160 staycourant.com

44 ‘Glow Light’ lamp, Casper
Casper Glow Light

Sleep cycles are dictated by light, yet most lighting isn’t designed to help us sleep. Casper’s ‘Glow Light’ addresses this anomaly, dimming like a sunset to ease your body into sleep mode. It’s intuitive to use, too – flip it over to turn it on or off, androtate it to increase or reduce the amount of illumination. £89, casper.com

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