New technology for your home

Our monthly pick of the latest state-of-the-art tech for your home, from portable projectors to porcelain speakers

‘Symfonisk’ wi-fi speakers by IKEA and Sonos
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1 Throw some Shapes
Teufal Audio and Rosenthal speakers
Teufel Audio

Audio brand Teufel has collaborated with ceramics expert Rosenthal to combine state-of-the-art wireless speakers with fine porcelain – it not only looks good, but the material is so dense it actually reduces audio distortion. Blending craftsmanship with cutting-edge touch-sensitive controls, each pair comes with an external amplifier wrapped in a matching white coat. £3,490

2 Stream Queen
Sony ‘XG95’ television

Slender and artfully crafted, the Sony ‘XG95’ is one of the first of a new breed of ‘Netflix Calibrated’ 4K LED TVs, designed to display the streaming service’s films and TV shows in handsome ‘studio master’ quality. Built-in Google Assistant means you can ditch the remote and use your voice. £2,499 for a 65-inch model,

3 Set the Scene
Nuimo ‘Click’ Philips Hue lighting

Control smart home devices – such as Philips Hue lighting – with the tactile Nuimo ‘Click’. Alter your mood at the touch of a button – the wireless switch can soften lights and activate your favourite music playlist. Plus, it never needs charging. Instead, it gathers energy from every press.£159,

4 Sound Effect
‘Symfonisk’ wi-fi speakers by Ikea

Ikea’s teamed up with Sonos to furnish our homes with sound. The dual-functioning ‘Symfonisk’ wi-fi speakers come in two models; a wall-mounted shelf version and a table lamp with a blackor white fabric-wrapped speaker as its base. Each has AirPlay 2 – for streaming directly from Mac devices – and Spotify connectivity built in, plus two of the same speakers can be linked for stereo audio. From £99, available August,

5 Fire at your Fingertips
Everdure by Heston 4K Outdoor Electric Ignition BBQ Cooker
John Lewis

Heston Blumenthal has reinvented the barbecue for smart homes. Requiring no matches or lighter fluid, the ‘Everdure by Heston 4K Outdoor Electric Ignition BBQ Cooker’ ignites witha touch of the ‘fire’ symbol. Inside, probes sync with your smartphone to report live temperature data and ensure food is succulent rather than singed. £1,799, John Lewis

6 Breath of Fresh Air
Pure Cool Me fan by Dyson

According to Dyson, all manner of harmful particles are flying around inside our homes, making them up to five times more polluted than the air outside. The brand’s solution: a space-age personal purifying fan. Its ‘Pure Cool Me’ traps 99.95 per cent of airborne nasties, such as pet allergens, bacteria and cooking fumes, with an activated carbon and glass HEPA air filter. Touch the dome to angle a jet of clean air towards your face, or set it to rotate on a warm night. £300,

7 Mind, Body and Scroll
Samsung smartphone

Samsung is bringing a touch of (much-needed) mindfulness to the selfie-obsessed age of the smartphone. The company’s latest handsets come with ‘Calm’, a relaxation app that provides guided meditation, soothing sounds and audio-led exercises, plus softly-spoken sleep stories to help you transition from a hectic day to a restful night. Free,

8 Private Screening
BenQ’s 'GV1’ portable projector

The popularity of streaming apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, has given rise to a boom in portable projectors. BenQ’s stylish ‘GV1’ fits in to the palm of your hand and doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Its three-hour battery life will sate your appetite for binge watching, as well as proving useful when following cookery or yoga videos. £329,

9 Sparkling Design
Carbonator II by Aarke

Swedish start-up Aarke’s aim is to make kitchen appliances beautiful. Its debut product, the ‘Carbonator II’ sparkling water maker, is a compact, elegantly refined takeon the SodaStream, available in copper, black, steel or brass. From £169,

10 Shine On
‘Mini Day & Dusk’ lightbulb

LIFX is on a mission to make smart bulbs even smarter. To boost wellbeing, the Wi-Fi-connected ‘Mini Day & Dusk’ cycles through a natural light spectrum. Wake to soft whites, work to bright tones and relax to calming amber hues that dim at a pre-set bedtime. Opt for a single bulb or, for maximum Zen, an entire network. £28 each, Apple,

11 Blind Ambition
 						‘iQ’ app-controlled blinds by Bloc Blinds
Bloc Blinds

Thanks to beautiful textiles and smart technology, roller blinds are back. Bloc’s ‘iQ’ app-controlled blinds open and close at the swipe of a smartphone. Need help measuring up? The brand’s design team offers bespoke consultations – via video call, of course. From £225,

12 Sleeping Beauty
Casper Glow Light

Sleep cycles are dictated by light, yet most lighting isn’t designed to help us sleep. Casper’s ‘Glow Light’ addresses this anomaly, dimming like a sunset to ease your body into sleep mode. It’s intuitive to use, too – flip it over to turn it on or off, androtate it to increase or reduce the amount of illumination. £89

13 Charged Design
Pink Jesmonite wireless mobile phone charger with Apple Mac, keyboard, mouse and iPhone
Native Union

The new ‘Terazzo Edition’ of Native Union’s sleek ‘Dock’ wireless charger takes this on-trend material into the tech realm. The ‘Black’ and ‘Rose’ (pictured) jesmonite discs make a stylish home for your phone. It works with all Qi-compatible devices, including the latest iPhones. £130,

14 Clear your Desk
Samsung monitor mounted flush to wall with monitor stand on desk

Samsung’s ‘Space Monitor’ is a stylish way to declutter your home office. The display features an adjustable tilting arm that provides effortless close-up views, or can be pushed flush against the wall. It’s available in either 27-inch QHD or 32-inch 4K resolution, and the cables are hidden in the arm to enhance the minimalist aesthetic. £400, available June,

15 Sleep Easy
Google assisted Smart Clock by Lenovo

Stress, caffeine and, soon, a final season of Game of Thrones to binge-watch – there are many reasons why you may not be getting enough sleep. Lenovo’s ‘Smart Clock’ aims to help you by bringing Google Assistant into your boudoir. With a single command – ‘Hey Google, goodnight’ – it can dim your smart lighting and serenade you with music. £79,

16 Off the Rail
Smart wardrobe with wrinkle-free 'TrueSteam' technology

The touch-controlled ‘Styler’ smart wardrobe by LG promises a wrinkle-free future. Its ‘TrueSteam’ technology gently refreshes and dries delicate garments between washes, removing creases, allergens and odours, making ironing a thing of the past. Available this autumn,

17 The Future of Furniture
Tylko's Type 2 modular shelving

Tylko’s ‘Type 02’ modular shelving system can be digitally tailored to fit any space. Its app will guide you through the design process, allowing you to specify the exact height, width, style and colour to suit your interior. Crafted from sustainable Finnish birch, it is delivered flatpack, clicking together easily without the need for tools. From £199,

18 Wireless for Sound
Pink wireless earphones in charging case
Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen’s ‘E8 2.0’ wireless earphones blend Danish design with cutting-edge tech. To charge, simply place the touch-controlled buds in their leather case, which provides 16 hours of battery life. £350,

19 Vision of Beauty
Samsung’s 85-inch ‘Q900R’ television

Samsung’s 85-inch ‘Q900R’ is the television of the future. It uses artificial intelligence to upscale whatever you choose to watch to 8K – a super-high resolution four times sharper than 4K and capable of near infinite depth of colour. The first television to adopt this new viewing standard, it comes with discreet connections – a single, thin cable and voice-activated controls. An investment piece for the true TV enthusiast. £15,000

20 Take Control
Yonomi app

With the likes of Amazon, Google, Sonos and Nest all vying for smart home supremacy, our phones are becoming crowded with a menagerie of apps. The solution? ‘Yonomi’, a single, elegant and free app that unifies and controls more than 60 connected gadgets, allowing rival ecosystems to work together in harmony.

21 Back in Print
Tango X printer from hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard

When filling a home with beautiful things, a printer wouldn’t traditionally be top of the list. HP’s voice-activated ‘Tango X’, however, does not need to be hidden beneath a desk. Wrapped in its charcoal-coloured linen cover, it resembles a hardback book. Subscribe to HP’s ‘Instant Ink’ service and ink cartridges will drop through your letterbox when supplies are low. £180,

22 Better Brews
ember ceramic cup

No one likes sipping lukewarm tea. Thankfully, Ember’s ceramic drinking vessels can gently heat your beverage, keeping it at your optimum drinking temperature for a whole hour – or longer if placed on the charging saucer. From £80,

23 Take Charge
Nolii tech accessories by Benjamin Hubert

Technology gets smarter by the day, so why are we still plagued by quick-dying batteries and tangled wires? Happily, design-led solutions are at hand. Benjamin Hubert’s brand Nolii’s new collection of tech accessories blends Apple-inspired simplicity with colourful composites in sage, peach and tangerine. To prevent
its USB cable from breaking, the ‘Bundle’ is reinforced with Kevlar (from £24.99) and there’s a range of well-designed battery packs to suit different needs – from the sleek, phone-sized ‘Little Stack’ (from £49.99) to the ‘Super Stack’ (from £149.99), which can power your laptop and two other devices.

24 Talk of the Lounge
Google Home Hub

Google’s new ‘Home Hub’ allows homeowners to seamlessly conduct a whole orchestra of smart gadgets – from connected thermostats to wireless lights and smart TVs – via voice commands or a touch of its seven-inch screen. Plus, like the world’s most conscientious personal assistant, it will keep you up to date on events and reminders in your calendar, alert you to delays on your daily commute, keep track of the weather and much, much more. £139,

25 Art of Noise
Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Beosound Edge’ by michael anastassiades
Bang Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen’s ‘Beosound Edge’ is one part luxury music system, one part interactive art installation. Created by sculptural designer Michael Anastassiades, the volume is controlled by rolling the speaker, and it can also be wall-mounted on its edge. £2,900,

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