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Time to hit refresh on your home office tech

Work-appropriate lighting, no more cable tangle… we reveal the gadgets that will solve all your problems

Colour blocking Barcelona apartment by Columbo and Serboli Architecture
Roberto Ruiz

With working from home the new normal for many in these strange pandemic-battling times, we are all looking for ways to improve the situation. You may not be able to buy toilet rolls or hand sanitiser, but you can make your home office a more pleasant place to spend your nine to five. These gadgets all offer solutions to common complaints – bad lighting, cable tangle, the lack of a tea rota – and ensure your desk will look the most stylish during your video calls. All you need now is a space that will bring as much sunshine to your day as this office nook (above) designed by Colombo and Serboli Architecture.

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1 Claim back your desk space
Samsung Space Monitor for efficient home working

Samsung’s ‘Space Monitor’ is a stylish way to declutter your home office. The display features an adjustable tilting arm that provides effortless close-up views, or can be pushed flush against the wall. It’s available in either 27-inch QHD or 32-inch 4K resolution, and the cables are hidden in the arm to enhance the minimalist aesthetic. £449, samsung.com

2 Maintain order
Courant Catch:3 charging dock and tray for home offices

The ‘Catch:3’, a desk organiser fitted with a wireless phone charger, is the perfect way to minimise the impact of technology on your desk. Made from Italian leather, it comes in five colours, from this neutral ‘Bone’ hue to baby blue and pink. Provided your phone is wireless-charging compatible (most modern models are), you simply place the phone onto the charging pad and watch the magic happen. $175, staycourant.com

3 Bring beauty to office essentials
HP Tango X Lifestyle printer
Hewlett Packard

When filling a home with stylish things, a printer wouldn’t traditionally be top of the list. HP’s voice-activated ‘Tango X’, however, does not need to be hidden beneath a desk. Wrapped in its charcoal-coloured linen cover, it resembles a hardback book. Subscribe to HP’s ‘Instant Ink’ service and ink cartridges will drop through your letterbox when supplies are low. £180, hp.com

4 End wi-fi shame forever
orbi rbk752 mesh wifi router office tech

Have your internet speeds been struggling? Are there corners of your home where wifi simply refuses to reach? A mesh system could be the solution to your problems. Orbi’s ‘Tri-Band WiFi 6’ mesh system promises uninterrupted broadband speeds covering an impressive 371 square metres of your home and garden, with speeds of up to 4.2Gbps across up to 40 devices. £449.99, store.netgear.co.uk

5 Shed some light on the issue
Dyson Lightcycle Morph lighting tech home

Continuing its mission to reengineer everyday life, Dyson has turned its attention to lighting. The result is the ‘Lightcycle Morph’. Designed by Jake Dyson (James’s son) it provides indirect or ambient light to match or complement what’s happening outside your window, as well as task light that’s always bright enough for the job at hand. From £499.99 for the desk lamp, dyson.co.uk

6 Upgrade your to-do list
Montblanc Augmented Paper for the home office
Cedric Schanze

Montblanc’s writing instruments have graced the world’s most elegant desks for more than 100 years. The Swiss brand’s latest innovation, the ‘Montblanc Augmented Paper Leather Writing Set’, includes a ‘Starwalker’ pen that converts anything written in the notebook into digital content. Sketches, notes and doodles are instantly uploaded to your tablet or smartphone, to be easily shared and edited. £530, montblanc.com

7 Never let your tea go cold again
Ember Mug technology

No one likes sipping lukewarm tea. Thankfully, Ember’s ‘Mug2’ ceramic drinking vessels can gently heat your beverage, keeping it at your optimum drinking temperature for an hour and a half – or longer if placed on the charging saucer. £149.95, ember.com

8 Improve your view
Meural by Netgear smart picture frame

Tired of your view of a beige wall? Fill it with your choice of 30,000+ pictures, some by the world’s greatest artists. The ‘Canvas II’ by Meural, now powered by Netgear, has a sensor that measures ambient light in the room ensuring it never displays tell-tale glare and looks like an artwork, not a screen. From £833.30; membership from under £7 a month, meural.netgear.co.uk

9 Get some fresh air
Livsdal One air purifier

When you’re confined to your home office all day, the quality of the air becomes of paramount importance. The Livsdal ‘One’ air purifier is a Swedish-designed piece of functional design that looks like a sideboard, but acts like a serious filter, eradicating pollution, allergens and other nasties from your abode. From $7,900, livsdal.com

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