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Improve your selfies with the best mirrors for design fans

Ettore Sottsass Jr’s ‘Ultrafragola’ mirror may be the one snapped by celebs, but there are plenty more options out there

melt mirror by bowers studio
Bowes Studio

Are your mirror selfies looking a bit basic? The cure is simple. Think of mirrors as functional artwork for your walls. Look for pieces that offer something unique, whether it be an interesting shape, illustration, colour or even one that creates an optical illusion. The idea is to show people something they haven't seen before. What pose you pull is up to you…

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1 ‘Ultrafragola’ mirror, Poltronova
ultrafragola mirror by sottsass for poltronova

Created in the 1970s by Ettore Sottsass Jnr, this mirror, with its shape inspired by the waves in a woman’s hair, has found a new fanbase in the selfie generation. Its high profile fans include Lena Dunham, Bella Hadid and Frank Ocean. Not simply a pretty shape, the design, whose name translates as Little Strawberry – creates the perfect light for photography with its illuminated edge. Price on application, poltronova.it

2 'Francis' mirror, Constance Guisset for Petite Friture
best mirrors

Like a paintbrush that’s just been dipped in water, the swirling colours creep across the corner of this elegant wall mirror by renowned French designer Constance Guisset. The distinctive effect was created through experimenting with pigmentation and oxidation. The gently convex back allows it to tilt forward when hung. £445, twentytwentyone.com

3 'Vitrail' mirror, Magis
magis vitrail mirror
Finnish Design Shop

Created by French designer Inga Sempé, the Vitrail collection of mirrors features broad bands of reflective colour held within a grey or green frame. Simple, understated yet with just enough colour to pack a playful punch. £520, finnishdesignshop.com

4 'Geoffrey' hall mirror, Ligne Roset
geoffrey hall mirror by ligne roset

As much a piece of sculpture as a practical object, the minimalist ‘Geoffrey’ mirror by Belgian designer Alain Giles has a slim rail (ideal for hanging umbrellas) and gold trinket dish to hold your keys. £937, heals.com

5 ‘Round Square’ mirror, Domestic
round square mirror by clara von zweigbergk for domestic

This pastel delight of a mirror is the work of Swedish designer Clara Von Zweigbergk, better known for the colourful trays she designed for Hay. With a 48-centimetre diameter it is small enough to add to a hallway or bedroom. Plus, its design creates a frame within a frame, taking your shots to the next level. £59, domestic.fr

6 ‘Melt’ mirror, Bowers Studio
melt mirror by bowers studio
Bowes Studio

This new York-based studio love breaking the accepted design norms. We mean, who dictated that mirrors have to be circles, squares or rectangles. The snaking, long ‘Melt’ mirror, held up by two decorative dowels would be perfect placed at seated eye-level above a dining table. £3,251, bowers-studio.com

7 'Stockholm' mirror, Ikea
ikea stockholm mirror

There’s a reason Ikea’s famous Stockholk mirror is a bestseller - its simplicity and streamlined shape means it’s happy in any interior, from traditional to modern, student digs to swanky apartment. The lip at the bottom of the walnut veneer frame is an ingenious place to drop keys, spare change and other ephemera. £60, ikea.com

8 ‘Curvy’ mirror, Gustaf Westman
curvy mirror by gustaf westman
Gustaf Westman

This Scandinavian design brand is gaining a reputation for its covetably chunky and colourful furniture. This mirror, one of its most recognisable pieces, comes in a choice of six on-trend pastel hues and makes a real statement in any room with its solid, uncompromising form. Price on application, gustafwestman.com

9 'Ikebana' mirror, Karen Chekerdjian
ikebana mirror ii karen chekerdjian the invisible collection
The Invisible Collection

Paddock wood, marble, glass and blue Polyrey combine to striking effect in this beautiful design by Karen Chekerdjian. Playing with asymmetry, space and depth, its structure finds its inspiration in the principles of Ikebana - the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging. Handmade in Lebanon, there are only ten available. £11,442, theinvisiblecollection.com

10 ‘Rondo’ mirror, Zieta
rondo mirror from the gradient collection by zieta

Like the chicest interpretation of a fairground mirror, this polished stainless steel piece twists and distorts reality. It's available in three colour options – emerald, sapphire/emerald (pictured) and sapphire – as well as three sizes to suit any space. Part of a limited edition and manufactured to order, it's one way to ensure your selfies will be unlike anyone else’s. Price on application, zieta.pl

11 ‘Transcience’ mirrors, David Derksen Design
transcience mirrors by david derksen design
Floor Knaapen

This design harnesses the natural process of oxidisation that leads to the antique finish on vintage mirrors. By speeding up the process using sulphur, Lex Pott and David Derksen have transformed it into an artistic medium. Available as a floorstanding mirror, or three other geometric shapes, it's a true statement piece. From £906, Transnatural, transnaturallabel.com

12 ‘Celeste’ mirror, Glas Italia
celeste mirror by piero lissioni for glas italia
Cesare Chimenti

Three magnifying portals on the surface of this mirror, designed by famed Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni, offer different perspectives, perfect for applying makeup. Available as circular or oval-shaped options, it appears almost lunar, with its beautifully smooth, undulating surface. £1,546, harrogateinteriors.co.uk

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