A calm haven, Bergman & Mar

watercolour of room
Bergman and Mar

‘Calm and comfortable, my lockdown room is filled with international modernist and iconic pieces, reminding me about the longevity of life and travel, while also giving comfort and reassurance. Natural finishes and textures bring the outside in, as spring blooms outside my office window. Pierre Paulin’s lounge chair invites a laid-back perspective on life. This is paired with a Charlotte Perriand stool inspired by the mountains. The floor lamp, also known as “Chinese Hat”, is by the Finnish master craftsman Paavo Tynell. A solid teak vintage desk and chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret is lit by Christian Dell’s Kaiser lamp from Fritz Hansen. A coffee table hewn from a tree trunk in the foreground, supports a red terracotta earthenware vase, alive with blooming cherry branches.’ Petra Arko, founder of Bergman & Mar

A rural hideaway, Fran Hickman

c17th barn in the chiltern hills interior
Fran Hickman

‘I am staying in a rented C17th barn in the Chiltern hills, Oxfordshire during lockdown – which usually I only stay in at weekends. I have taken the last few weeks as an opportunity to decorate it as I think I will be spending more time in the country.’ Fran Hickman

Eau Palm Beach Hotel guestroom, Jonathan Adler

jonathan adler bedroom sketch
Jonathan Adler
‘I live for summer, and nothing says summer to me like the yellow of the sun and the blue of sea. When I designed the guest rooms at the Eau Palm Beach hotel, I wanted them to have a sense of place. There’s no mistaking where you are, and there’s no mistaking you’re on a squishy vacation. I’m safely sheltered at home now, but I can’t wait to get to Palm Beach when I can.’ Jonathan Adler

Home workspace, These White Walls

these white walls roomset desk and chair
These White Walls

‘Here’s a scribble of my home workspace – on the day of quarantine I dashed to the TWW studio to rescue all our plants, and now my desk is set amongst them by the window in the living room. The sunshine brings a lovely hazy light into this room in the afternoons and, given the current restrictions on setting foot outside, being surrounded by as much greenery as possible in this busy corner of Hackney has proved a real sanity-saver over the last few weeks.‘ Rose Murray, These White Walls

Comfy spot with a view, Beata Heuman

beata heuman sketch of armchair
Beata Heuman

‘This “dream room” takes inspiration from a sketch by one of my favourite artists – David Hockney. Now we are spending most of our time indoors, a room with floor-to-ceiling windows seems more appealing than ever. Although very challenging, lockdown is affording some of us some positives, such as having the chance to read, play card games and generally to take life at a slightly slower pace. I designed our Cub Armchair to be a comfy spot to while away the time and this would be my dream place for it – basking in the sunshine, its paws outstretched, framed by a beautiful view beyond.’ Beata Heuman
The Cub Armchair will be available from June and will retail at £3,400 + VAT.

Dream home studio, Run for the Hills

room moodboard
Run for the Hills

‘It’s my dream home-studio/Maison Atelier. In reality I’m propped up with a bolster cushion on my bed, waiting for a desk to arrive. All other tables in the house are within toddler-reach and they won’t let me do any work if they see me. So reality is a far cry from this gorgeous space I’d love to have at the bottom of the garden (what an awesome ‘Outer Space’ it would make). I could invite my business partner-husband to ‘after-work’ drinks in my atelier bar and I could give the kiddies small doses of work experience sorting fabrics by colour for 50p an hour.’ Anna Burles, Run for the Hills

Osteria Pasta Bar, Joyce Wang

joyce wang sketch
Joyce Wang

‘Italy being one of most affected country from the pandemic, I'd imagine many people are reminiscing, or dreaming of their next Italian culinary adventure. This imagined pasta bar, which we’ve named the Osteria, is inspired by Bologna’s medieval era; combining a contrast of raw and modern materials. An aesthetic that showcases a cast-iron machinery with a futuristic approach, adding an in-person dramatic effect to guests while dining. A suspended churning wheel of hanging pasta is at the heart of the bar where diners can see chefs hanging freshly made pasta; an operable piece that adds a sense of playfulness and intrigue to the restaurant. A space we are all really dreaming of returning to!’ Joyce Wang

My fantasy Italian villa, Campbell Rey

duncan campbell collage
Duncan Campbell

‘It’s an imaginary villa in the Veneto region. I’m working at a Diego Giacometti centre table sitting on an Andre Arbus rug. Flanking the doorway are a pair of 1940s octagonal Venini Murano mirrors above some Emilio Terry “Ledge Rock” console tables with Zuber’s Draperie Napoléon III wallpaper. Because it’s a dream, through the doorway I can see Hubert de Givenchy’s garden at Le Jonchet, and the room is full of tulips grown by the Land Gardeners.’ Duncan Campbell, Campbell Rey

Study with a park view, Design & That

design  that sketch
Design & That

‘Here’s my sketch of a calming study space, with a view out overlooking Victoria Park – a place at home to scurry away, to focus, reflect and be creative. With textured walls in Bauwerk lime wash, shelves packed full of inspiration, a bespoke kidney-shaped desk by Fred Rigby, the Font Bold chair by Mobel Copenhagen, and Norr11’s new Yo-Yo table lamp. Emma Shone-Sanders, Designandthat.com

Room with a view, Rachel Chudley

rachel chudley living room
Rachel Chudley

‘Mocking up this room with a view is giving me some much needed creative energy during this lockdown. Thinking up colour combinations, planning the stages of install; I can dream that I am already there!’ Rachel Chudley

The heart of my home, Kerri Lipsitz

‘The kitchen feels like the heart of the home more than ever. It’s where we congregate, for cups of tea, work and the respite of meals. I have always loved to cook, and whilst gathering friends and family around the kitchen table is not possible right now – I am, as we all are, finding cooking hugely therapeutic in these times. When making a cup of tea or putting a cake in the Aga, being surrounded by old family photographs on the kitchen shelf feels like a safe and comforting space of nostalgia, familiarity and normality.’ Kerri Lipsitz

Homage to Charlotte Perriand, Sarah Delaney Design

sarah delaney office sketch
Sarah Delaney Design

‘My daughter who is in lockdown with me created this image. It’s an homage to a workspace by my hero Charlotte Perriand with the addition of a garden like my own in London.’ Sarah Delaney, Sarah Delaney Design

Living space with a balcony, Agnes Morguet

agnes morguet watercolour of room
Agnes Morguet

‘My favourite room during lockdown is our dining/living room. I like to spread my work out on the dining table and use the walls to pin sketches of ideas for the different projects currently in progress. The antique furniture, the clarity of my own designs and the cosy overall atmosphere inspires me. I always spend my lunch breaks on one of our balconies. There I enjoy our fig tree, the lemons and the many flowers. There is always a bit of nature in a vase on the table – this, together with the sound of birds twittering outside, brings spring into my favourite lockdown room everyday.’ Agnes Morguet

Room with a lake view, WeWantMore

ruud belman sketch
Ruud Belman

‘This is me in lockdown mode. The things that surround me every day, all day long and the peaceful view on the lake from my spot where I live, close to Antwerp in Belgium.’ Ruud Belmans, creative director We Want More

Rose Uniacke’s conservatory, Alexandra Browne Design

alexandra brown sketch rose uniacke conservatory
Alexandra Brown
‘The room I’d love to while away the lockdown hours in is the indoor conservatory at my old boss Rose Uniacke’s home in Pimlico. To be surrounded by orchids, to only have a view of the unpolluted sky up above, and a secret door in case I just want to escape and watch Netflix without anyone noticing, would be bliss.’ Alexandra Browne Design

A corner of my living room, Casa Josephine

sketch by casa josephine
Casa Josephine

‘Freshly painted. It is a corner of the living room/studio with indigo and sepia pigment on notebook paper,’ Pablo López Navarro, Casa Josephine

My loft escape, Jo Sampson Studio

jo sampson moodboard
Sampson Studio

‘When our lives become destabilised we crave familiarity and comfort, which is why my favourite place right now is my bedroom. Originally conceived to provide escapism, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view exclusively of trees (a rare find in south London), it mimics a contemporary hotel suite – floating walls, hidden WC, shower pod and dressing room. I am not overlooked, so lying in bed with the windows fully open, gazing at the greenery, I could be anywhere. I don’t have much clutter, just stacks of magazines and large format family photographs. I love this space for relaxing, for designing new products... and daydreaming.’ Jo Sampson Studio

A corner of my sitting room, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

martin brudnizki sketch
Martin Brudnizki

‘My lockdown view? Finishing a day’s work with a book and a cocktail, reading on one of my campaign chairs.’ Martin Brudnizki, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

My fantasy home office, Fred Rigby

fred rigby collage
Fred Rigby

‘The room is a mix of pieces from modern eras of design. I wanted it to be comfortable, well-lit and have a sense of calm with a splash of colour. I think this would be a great ‘working from home’ office space. A desk to work at with a comfortable office chair, a sofa you can read on with a record player playing in the background and an Calder mobile slowly turning overhead, with the light of the candles casting shadows.’ Fred Rigby

Captions: Atollo lamp (model 235) by Vico Magistretti; 75A lamp by Isamu Noguchi and Artek Screen 100 by Alvar Aalto from Studio Viaduct; Direction No 353 swivelling office chair by Jean Prouvé; Concrete Stereo by Ron Arad; Untitled (hanging mobile) by Alexander Calder; Cloud Sofa and Kidney Desk by Fred Rigby from Francis Gallery; Fold Mirror Shelves by Fred Rigby; Microcrete walls, leather & oak floor.

A dream bedroom, Campbell Rey

campbell rey bedroom
Campbell Rey

‘This is a room we designed for a client last year that was never realised. The bed is a New Gloucester bed from Max Rollit with the headboard and bed cover in a Svenskt Tenn fabric called Zodiaken. The rug is a Malachite print from Luke Irwin. Lamps are from Maison Charles and the chandelier was found on 1stdibs. I think working from bed is an ultimate luxury so I’d love to just curl up here with a hot strong black coffee and tap out some emails, while in lovely striped orange and pink silk pyjamas.’ Charlotte Rey, Campbell-Rey

My light-filled workstation, Covet Noir

covet noir sketch
Covet Noir

‘After trying a few spots at home, I’ve settled on the kitchen table as my new workstation. I'm really missing our studio but I love looking out the front window of my flat while I work, the trees outside diffuse a lovely dappled light across the room. I can’t work in dark spaces, so I’m always drawn to windows. I picked up the antique trolley a couple of years ago while sourcing. It didn't fit the project I was working on at the time but I loved it, so it came home with me! I think it’s so important to be surrounded by things you love and that inspire you, especially in these strange times.’ Adele Lonergan, Covet Noir

Dream isolation room, David Collins Studio

sam wood sketch
Sam Wood

‘My dream isolation room revolves around self-pampering. Instead of gleaning inspiration from travel, people, and places, I find that inspiration arrives through relaxation, albeit in a different way. A long, deep soak in the bath, with beautiful lighting, a martini or two, my favourite candle, and somewhere to note down of any intriguing thoughts! A way to shut out all of the noise of the current situation, and an escape from juggling the responsibilities of real life!’ Simon Rawlings, creative director, David Collins Studio
Sketch by Sam Wood

My fantasy reading room, Studio Robert McKinley

studio robert mckinley moodboard
Studio Robert McKinley

‘My “fantasy room” for quarantine is a reading room with views of the sea. It has an ocean blue lime wash on the walls and a lot of room for lounging on golden flax cushions and pillows behind ivory gauze curtains. A vintage Tuareg mat is complemented by marble lamps from Italy and an Atelier Vime wicker pendant light fixture.’ Robert McKinley, Studio Robert McKinley

My quiet sanctuary, Suzy Hoodless

suzy hoodless desk
Suzy Hoodless

‘My study is a quiet sanctuary away from the chaos of the house. I am surrounded with personal books, photos, pictures, furniture and lighting that I love. I am not distracted by children or the kitchen, or anything else happening in our busy house. I bought the Danish desk many years ago and it’s a piece I will hand down to my children. The dark blue walls helps to emphasise the den feel. ’ Suzy Hoodless

Fantasy drawing room, Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

drawing room sketch by bryan o'sullivan studio
Bryan O'Sullivan Studio

‘Our dream room is designed to keep you entertained and to raise the spirits. The hearth is perfect for gathering around, especially on wet days or evenings. Just out of shot is a desk in the window, your nine-to-six workstation. Although, I’m enjoying using armchairs and sofas for alternative work positions for zoom calls during the day. It’s always important to surround yourself with great art, we have the late Wolf Kahn over the fireplace, David Hockney centre and Chantal Joffe to the left. The corner cocktail bar comes to life after 6pm; the blinds get lowered, the lights dim and you can settle in for a sundowner before dinner. Then retire to the sofa and the open fire to read or watch a movie. Our own bespoke pieces are featured, alongside the ‘Canapé Alpha’ sofa by Pierre Paulin, a sofa by Vladimir Kagan, a floor lamp by the Haas Brothers, chandelier by Alexandre Loge and ceramics by Axel Salto, Georges Jouve and Dani Ruelland.’ Bryan O’Sullivan, Bryan O’Sullivan Studio

Fantasy lockdown parlour, Studio Gabrielle

studio gabrielle sketch
Studio Gabrielle

‘With inspiration drawn from our design hero, Vincent Van Duysen, our fantasy lockdown parlour is filled with a tranquil haven of textural variation and minimalist style. A sensory experience of neutral tones, curved form and high-end materiality to balance a luxurious, unified space. This space is imagined to enrich self-care, especially within a room where you spend the most time, visualising yourself sitting on that sheepskin chair by &Tradition with an uplifting book, cup of Dalgona coffee and sinking your feet into the silk, wool blend rug.’ Louise Parker, Studio Gabrielle

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