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The best mulled wine recipe according to a mixologist

Max Venning, co-founder of bars Three Sheets and Little Mercies, shares his must-have Christmas cocktail recipe for easy mulled wine and cider

the best mulled wine and cider recipe
Three Sheets

Mulled wine – or cider – is the scent of Christmas. A large pot with the aromatic liquid bubbling away is the ultimate idea of festive nostalgia.

At Three Sheets, we prefer using a mulled syrup as the base, creating something consistent and delicious that will last for a couple of weeks over the holidays. It gives you more control over the intensity of flavour, it needs much less sugar and you can use a fairly decent wine if you like. It also means that, with one stock syrup, you can enjoy mulled red wine, mulled cider or even mulled white wine.

This recipe is perfect to make in advance for Christmas gatherings (restrictions allowing). It’s also great to keep in your fridge for when you want a winter warmer.



● 3g cloves ● 5g frankincense ● 1g cinnamon ● Pinch of ground nutmeg ● 1 whole star anise ● 10g orange peel ● 5g lemon peel ● 300ml white wine ● 50g honey ● 300g caster sugar


Put the spices, citrus peels and wine in a saucepan and cover with a lid. Heat on
a very low heat for an hour, then remove and leave to infuse for three hours with the lid on so no liquid escapes. Strain through a coffee filter or fine tea towel. Add the honey and caster sugar to the infused wine and stir to dissolve. Pour into a bottle and store in the fridge for up to three weeks.

To serve

● 25ml mulled syrup ● 100ml red wine of preference, full-bodied white wine or dry cider ● Orange zest to garnish

In a pan, add the syrup and wine or cider and heat on a medium heat until it reaches 60-70°C or until you start to see steam coming off the surface of the liquid. Ladle into a glass or a mug and express the oils from the orange zest over the drink.
threesheets-bar.com; littlemercies.co.uk

This article first appeared in ELLE Decoration January 2020

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