Expert advice: how to create a home with individual character

Swedish-born, London-based interior designer Beata Heuman shares her tips

Paddington apartment by Bea Heuman
Paddington apartment by Bea Heuman, Photography: Simon Brown

Swedish-born, London-based Beata Heuman, who is known for her love of the fantastical, designs residential and restaurant interiors. Here she shares her tips on creating a home...

Interior designer Beata Heuman
Beata Heuman

Be confident If your design makes you happy, that’s all that matters. Look through books for inspiration – if you see how something similar has been done successfully, it may give you the boost you need. And as with any skill, remember that interior design requires time and hard work.

Bea Heuman apartment interior
Apartment by Beata Heuman, Photography: Simon Brown

Indulge your imagination When designing an interior, we try to help people forget the outside world and encourage them to be present in the moment, adding surreal elements or dream-like colour combinations for this reason. At the moment, I’m really into a mix of tonal shades – dusty blues are a particular favourite.

Bea Heuman apartment  interior
Beata Heuman interior, Photography Simon Brown

Plan in advance To ensure your designs will work together, make a plan for the whole room before you start. For a layered, balanced interior that stands the test of time, look to the past and present for inspiration. Ultimately, though, it’s about going with your gut feeling.

Interior by Beata Heuman
Interior by Beata Heuman, Photography: Simon Brown

Every room should sing In the course of a lifetime, we gather a multitude of experiences and objects, and your home should embrace these. Let your personality shine through, even if it’s not the conventional choice – that’s what gives a space individuality.

This article first appeared in the June 2019 issue of Elle Decoration

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