Decorating with Pure White

The go-to classic, Pure White can lend a calm sense of solace to any room

White Bedroom: Cover House July 2017: Mallorca
Greg Cox/ Bureaux/ Living Inside

White is, of course, never just ‘white’, it has many nuances and flavours, and often looks best as a foil to wood, metallics and black. A hit in kitchens for its connotations of cleanliness, likewise bedrooms and bathrooms. But it can also lend a calm sense of solace to any other room too.

1 Classic white This is all about rough plastered walls, whitewashed beams and painted floors used to render everything spotlessly pristine regardless of lumps, bumps or other such delights.

White bedroom with grey linens
The greenery outside the window of this Jutland home is reflected inside adding colour to this simple white space.
Morten Holtum

2 Accessorise with white From sheepskins to cushions and everything in between, white lends things an air of simplicity and cleanliness that recalls a forgotten era of housekeepers and perpetually tidy homes that is incredibly seductive.

White sheepskin rug and wooden chair
‘Single Sheepkin’ rug in Pearl, £95, The White Company
The White Company

3 Modern white There was a time when the done thing for homes was simply to paint everything pure white, and let only one’s fixtures and fittings do the talking. It was all about the gallery-esque white box for living in concept.

Open plan white Corian kitchen
A simple white Corian kitchen sits within the open-plan space. June 2017 issue
Birgitta Wolfgang/ Sisters Agency

4 Contemporary white This is white with a bit more soul. Colour pops from personal things and texture are woven into a world where white is more of a calm backdrop to a creative life that’s allowed to be on show.

White dining room with white shelving on castors
Sometimes even a splendid flower display in cinnamon brights is enough to give a space a boost. It certainly works in this otherwise all-white apartment. First featured in the March 2016 edition.
Jansje Klazinga

5 Restful white As a grounding colour for a bedroom, white is innately soothing. It also feels deliciously cool with something of a holiday vibe. However, ensure all light can be adequately blocked out when it’s time for bed, otherwise all that light will become annoying, rather than sleep-inducing.

White Bedroom: Cover House July 2017: Mallorca
Cover House July 2017: Mallorca
Greg Cox/ Bureaux/ Living Inside

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