Expert advice: creating interiors with an individual feel

The Parisian interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch shares his decorating tips

Pierre Yovanovitch portrait
Photography Julie Ansiau

The Parisian interior designer for whom every project is a unique and thoroughly personal work of art, shares some interiors advice...

Be inspired by your home’s environment I would never design an interior in New York as I would in Paris or Zermatt – it just wouldn’t make sense. For example, in a glass walled apartment near the beach in Tel Aviv, I sought to bring the sea indoors, using reflective materials to catch the light.

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught
Hélène Darroze at The Connaught
Photography Jérôme Galland

Devise cheerful, warm and welcoming colours Avoid being repetitive with them, though. I like to create contrasts of light and deep shades. Recently, when I repainted my Provence farmhouse, I layered a lot of pinks, yellows and blues.

Include custom-made pieces to add character I’ve worked with a French ceramic artist called Armelle Benoit for several years – she’s made ceramic frescoes for several homes, as ell as a curved wall for one Paris apartment. Pieces like this have an incredible impact in terms of colour and texture.

Interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch’s home with curvy furniture
Jérôme Galland

Be creative with lighting LEDs cast a much starker glow than incandescent bulbs, so I use bubbly glass shades and organic shapes to soften them. Lighting should always create atmosphere. Try to use natural sunlight, too. I once added a skylight above a staircase glazed with coloured, textured glass – it drew amazing blue and yellow forms on the walls.

This feature appeared in ELLE Decoration September 2019

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