LG and Alessandro Mendini collaborate for the launch of the LG Signature Wine Cellar

Wine lovers, meet your new must-have kitchen appliance

lg signature's new wine cellar
LG Signature

Whether you’re the kind of wine drinker who keeps that special bottle for the right occasion, or the sort who’ll crack open a good vintage at the slightest excuse, this game-changing wine refrigerator is setting a new standards for cellar systems.

Holding up to 65 bottles, the sleek and stylish new LG Signature Wine Cellar uses multiple cutting-edge technologies to create the ideal storage environment for any variety or vintage. Its Precise Temperature Control keeps temperature fluctuations within half a degree, while its Inverter Linear Compressor ensures the right humidity and minimal amount of vibration, providing the stable conditions needed to preserve the flavour and texture of wines. And, thanks to the wine cellar’s Multi Temperature Control, users can store several of their favourite varieties at the same time – each in the specific conditions required.

The cellar’s innovative InstaView™ allows users to see inside the fridge simply by knocking on the door twice. What’s more, the triple-pane mirrored glass of the InstaView door adds another layer of protection for the bottles inside, blocking out damaging UV light to help safeguard the individual taste and aroma of each wine.

To celebrate the new launch, each purchase will come with an exclusive, limited edition ‘Alessandro M’ corkscrew designed by the late Alessandro Mendini for Alessi, who created some of the world’s most iconic kitchen accessories, including Alessi's ‘Anna G.’ and ‘Parrot’ corkscrews.

lg signature x alessandro mendini alessandro m limited edition corkscrew
LG Signature x Alessandro Mendini

The renowned Italian designer sketched the design in 2018, when he was serving as director of the LG Signature Artweek exhibition. ‘The moment I saw LG Signature products, I sensed that the brand strives for harmony between function and design to the extreme,’ he said at the time, noting the similarities between his and LG Signature’s perspective on what makes good design.

Perfectly chilled wine, cutting-edge technology and an iconic piece of design – we’ll raise a glass to that.


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