Sustainable living has never looked more appealing than in this Australian home

Barefoot luxury is the vibe at The Farm Byron Bay, a family home and inspiring community space

the farm byron bay sunken lounge
Jessie Prince/Living Inside

Standing on one of the highest points within the hinterland of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia, is The Range, a sprawling 120-acre property that offers sweeping 180-degree views across the hills and beyond to the sea.

For owner Emma Lane and her husband Tom, founders of sustainable community space The Farm Byron Bay, an extensive, decade-long search came to an end when they stumbled upon their now home.

‘Our brief was privacy and a view of the ocean,’ says Emma. At the centre of the land is a stately farmhouse, which acts as the main abode for Emma, Tom and their children – Charlie, George, Matilda and Lulu – as well as Ranger their beloved Hungarian vizsla.

the farm byron bay
Jessie Prince/Living Inside

Beyond the property sit two restored farm sheds, known as The Barn and The Cabin, both of which have been reimagined into separate external living spaces and play into the couple’s love of Spanish-style fincas.

‘A finca is a type of country estate or ranch, usually farming-orientated and often with a plantation, and a collection of buildings,’ explains Emma. ‘With the farmhouse, barn and cabin, and 4,500 macadamia trees, it seemed an appropriate theme for The Range.’

the farm byron bay kitchen
Jessie Prince/Living Inside

The three-bedroom main house, modelled on the farmhouse that once stood in its place, blends the old and new by retaining unique features from the original home. Emma, who lives by her business’s sustainability ethos, repurposed several features.

‘The shelves in the living area are made from the old roof trusses,’ she says. Then there’s the rustic bath, created from a gigantic wine barrel, that sits outside the main bedroom.

the farm byron bay outdoor bathroom
Jessie Prince/Living Inside

‘There’s a barefoot sophistication that I love to adopt in my lifestyle – relaxed yet curated,’ says Emma. It’s an aesthetic that seeps into every aspect of the property, from the raw timber fittings and custom-designed pieces that were made in collaboration with local makers, right down to the muted, earthy colour palette. This includes leather and linen furniture, as well as beautiful terracotta floor tiles, which disguise the marks and muddy footprints that are inevitable with children and pets.

the farm byron bay bedroom
Jessie Prince/Living Inside

With such an expansive home, you’d presume choosing a favourite corner would be difficult, but Emma points to the sunken lounge. Designed in collaboration with local interior designer Sarah Ellison and situated at the heart of the property, it is the space her family inhabits the most, along with the outdoor entertaining area.

‘Tom often cooks dinner over the coals of the firepit while we gather around and enjoy the views out so sea,’ says Emma.;

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